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Webbing suppliers

I’m looking for a supplier of webbing in a good range of colours. Can anyone recommend anyone?

Hello @HandbagsbyHelen,

Have you heard of Aberkans? There is one in Manchester and one in Preston. I know they have another one somewhere else too maybe Wales. Google them an give them a call as I have always found material and other bits there for a great price.

Linzi x
Squirrel & Tiffin

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What sort? I have bought cotton webbing from Ebay and it was good…


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Thanks Linzi. I have bought fabric from them before but not sure they do webbing in a range of colours. I’ll go take a look though - thank you!

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Thanks @KBCreations. Looks a good link. I was looking for nylon - but maybe I’ll give them a go. They do at least do a wide range of colours. Thanks for the advice.

I use them as well @kbcreations, good customer service too.

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we make all kind of webbings and cords.The ranges start from cotton , polyester and 2mm to 200mm in
any colours as per the customer requirement.please visit or write to for deatiails