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Wee bit worried now

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I sent out a knitted and crochet Christmas bunting item to my customer earlier to day and now I’m worried its going to arrived a bit bashed about.

It was nicely wraped in tissue paper with organizer ribbon tied around it in a bow with one of my ‘Hand made just for you’ tags. It was then placed into a box with the packing slip. At the post office the lady asked if it was breakable which I said No to.

So in order to make it go through the small parcel thingie she squished the middle of it and charged me less then I was expecting to pay.
Now I think it’s going to arrive with the tissue paper, ribbon and tag all crushed and not looking as pretty :frowning:

I also think she’s really undercharged and my poor customer is going to get one of those cards saying postage owed.

Should I email her and let her know I think the post office might have made a mistake and she might get a card saying postage owed or should I wait to hear from her?

(Deborah Jones) #2

Tricky one, you could warn her that there might be extra to pay- and that you will pay it, as she might refuse it otherwise.
I don’t know if it is common practice now , but our local PO won’t deliver things with money to pay on, they put a card through the door and you have to go to the sorting office to collect.

I wonder if you can claim the extra back from the post office for sending it at the wrong cost, as presumably you got proof of posting, and it is their error. probably not worth the hassle though.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

yeah I think I might fire off an email but its a company address and email so I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning.