Weekly Art Chat 14th - 20th April 2014

Hi Everyone

Lots of lovely art here today :slight_smile:

Little bit of excitement today, as Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine showed a picture of their June issue cover and one of the pictures on the front is of my Art Gallery (it’s a 1:12 scale miniature gallery my husband built for some of my art) …

This is a link to their FB picture

They invited me to be in this issue way back in October last year and I sent the interview and pictures in January, not sure how much they will have printed … The issue comes out end of this month so when I’ve seen it for real I’ll do a blog post etc then :slight_smile:

As I say a bit of excitement seeing the gallery on the cover lol



That is brilliant Hazel! very pleased for you! x

Thanks Jeanie :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant Hazel well done!

Trevor, I really like that cathedral one, very atmospheric

Stephie, I miss chatting during the day too, but it’s probably for the best that the temptation has been taken away! Lovely painting of your daughter.

Jeanie, cute sheep!

Hi everyone else! :smile:


Well done Hazel it looks great on the cover.

Can anyone help with my q re posting listings? Pretty please.


Tessa, are you following the instructions on this thread?

That’s what I used to post a clickable image. Hope it works for you!

Thanks Margaret and Tessa

Hope you get it sorted Tessa :slight_smile:

Shout if you can’t make sense of the instructions Tessa.

Thanks Margaret :smile:

Hazel big congrats that’s so exciting!


Sorted! it’s still a palaver tho.

Hi everyone …I’m new to forums…I’ll post a couple of things I’ve just posted so that you can have a look!..


Here i am again…should i reply to my own post to put more than one image on or just keep doing new posts??


Hello cabinets, welcome to the art chat thread :slight_smile: :slight_smile: your work is gorgeous, I especially like the hand. What’s your favourite medium?

Glad you got the hang of posting pics Tessa. You can also use the same code as on the old forum. It puts an extra line on mine that I have to delete, but I think Trevor manages to use the old code as it is

Well done Tessa, lovely flower too.

Hi cabinets, I really like the hand holding the flower. Welcome to the art chat thread.

Hello cabinets, I like your hand too… :slight_smile:

morning all…bit colder this morning…I’ll be back in a while with my new listing…

Hello everyone and thank you all for the congrats on the magazine cover … hopefully I will get a copy of the issue soon and be able to do a blog post on it :slight_smile:

These are some of my new miniatures … not listed here


lovely work Hazel…shown my new listing on the daily listing thread…so showing another one on here.


Good morning all, spiffing sort of day here, wall to wall sunshine and a tad warmer too! Sadly, the day we were due to go out over the weekend (Sunday) we have a horrible forecast here of heavy rain all day… :frowning:

Two relistings from me today, both ACEOs:

Right, things to do, catch you later!