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Weekly Art chat w/c 2nd June

(Maxine Veronica) #1

Good morning, this is the weekly art chat thread, the place to show and chat about art of all kinds

New listing today

(Maxine Veronica) #2

Finished the two medium bluebell woods, these are around 7x5 one is mounted A4 and the other is 10x8

(Stephanie Guy) #3

All very pretty Max, the middle one is my favourite.
I have a few chores to do this morning and I’m going out for a walk with a dear friend this afternoon. Hope to squish in some painting time somehow too :slight_smile:

(Jeanie Hansford) #4

Mornin! all
lovely vibrant colours in your work Max, they demand to be seen!!?..Jeanie x

(Hazel Rayfield) #5

Morning Max These are lovely and the double / double mounts looks great :slight_smile:

Morning Stephie and Jeanie

Just paid my bills here and there, my folksy bill was over 15 times more than Etsy as I haven’t sold much over there this month but my shop folksy has had a great month as has my website … I promote both the same and yet I’ve only sold a couple of miniatures over there this month, can’t figure it out really?

Over all May was good for Art In Wax, busy month that’s for sure. Several projects planned for the next couple of months … Might even get in the studio today after doing some admin :slight_smile:

Have a good day all


(Gaynor Hill) #6

Morning all. The middle one’s my favourite too Max.

I’ve been asked to do my cars as greetings cards and was thinking of using Moo. Has anyone else used them for greetings cards? I’m wondering about the quality. I had a look at some card packs in WH Smith at the weekend. You can put them those through your own printer but they seemed pretty flimsy to me.


(Flamehairedjewellerydesigns) #7

Morning all!

Nice and sunny here so far.

Love them all Max, particularly the bigger ones, but that purple is soo striking (another purple fan here) :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #8

Morning all…back to routine today.
I had FOUR sales on the other side yesterday…hopefully Folksy will be kinder to me this month.
Lovely work Max…
waving Jeanie, Gaynor,Stephie and Hazel and Hazel 2
I have just listed this aceo…

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Fab work Max, and the mounts show them off brilliantly.

Love the autumnal colours in that ACEO Brenda

Gaynor, your cars would look great as greetings cards, I’m sure they’d be popular

Stephie, enjoy your walk, hope you get some painting time.

Hazel, glad May was a good month for you, let’s hope June is a bumper sales month for all of you!

(Brenda Cumming) #10

Ooh they put that one on the front page…thanks Admin

(Maria Palmer) #11

Good morning :smile:

Love the bluebell woods, Max

Enjoy your walk Stephie, I’m hoping for some painting/drawing time later too.

Beautiful Brenda!!

Gaynor, I’m going to use Moo for some greetings cards, I have some of their business cards and they are good quality so hoping the cards will be too.

I’ve added this drawing, it’s supposed to be my cat Rudolph, but he’s not so fat in real life!!

Back to the chores it is then!!

(Margaret Jackson) #12

Cute cat Maria, he doesn’t look fat to me!lol Would make a fab greetings cards.

(Hazel Rayfield) #13

Looks great Maria :smile:

One of my parrot cards is in the fathers day feature for cards … thank you Hazel (flamehaired) for letting me know :smile:

Love the colours in that one Brenda …

Waving Margaret, hope you have a good day.

Hi Gaynor, I haven’t had any moo greetings cards, had some mini cards a couple of years ago, but I have my business cards printed by a printer, as I find the quality is very professional, and I do think a good business card says a lot about a business … I did have a Christmas card made from one of my paintings via vista print a couple of years ago, good quality but not very cheap, they were for us to give not to sell. I think printing yourself can be tricky, I have bought cards (printed) online in the past and the card is so thin they don’t even stand up !!! and others that are fine, both Stephie and Clare have very good quality card for prints on their cards, but I think they may have them professionally printed

The cards I paint onto are 250gsm and they need to be as I am painting direct onto them … I print my info on the back (before I paint them) and they run through the printer OK, but I have tried thicker card and the printed won’t draw them in …

(Tessa Spanton) #14

Gaynor @BeeGardenArt I use DPI digital in Croydon and the quality is very good. If you phone or email them for a quote and say your are an artist I think you get a better price than doing it thro their website.
They will make a proof and post it to you for no fee.
I go for 55 of each image as the more you have the better the price. I have a Moo greetings card and it’s better than the ones u put thro ur printer but I think DPIs are better.

You have to pay postage on both.

I love the cat Maria.

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Tessa, my tulip bakeri bulbs have arrived, thanks very much! :smile:

I shall take great care of them and look forward to seeing them flower one day :smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #16

I have just been taking a new photo of this picture, showing how it might look mounted and framed …

I am just 5 sales away from 100 on folksy … wonder if I’ll make it this month :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #17

Looks stunning framed Hazel. I’m sure you’ll reach your milestone this month, shouldn’t take long.

(Hazel Rayfield) #18

Thank you Margaret :slight_smile:

(Tessa Spanton) #19

I have made a new listing with a range of cards to chooses from

Did the photos for the listing this am.

Margaret glad to hear they’ve arrived.
Looks good Hazel.

(Maria Palmer) #20

Looks great Hazel hop you get to your 100 sales soon!!

Just been getting my drawing fix!! Think I’m going to add watercolour.