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Art Chat W/C 31.08.15

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

This is the place to chat about art this week …

Hope you are all having a good bank holiday Monday. I’ve been painting miniatures and just popped online while having a coffee break. It’s raining heavy here so not going out today.

We also took some new photos over the weekend. So this picture is from last year but now has a new photo.

(Kelever) #2


Here is my latest ACEO…

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Hi all, gorgeous autumnal piece Hazel, surprised it hasn’t sold yet.

Kelly, I think that’s my favourite of yours so far :slight_smile:

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(Kelever) #4

Thank-you so much Margaret :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Argh…I forgot it was Monday…so I am re-showing some of my bookmarks.
I painted 6 sets over the weekend and each set is two bookmarks.
This is one of the sets.

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Happy new week everyone :slight_smile:

@StudioBeeArt love that work in progress that you showed on last week’s thread, it’s good to hear you’re keeping busy.

Great work everyone, I especially love Brenda’s bookmarks.

I’m playing with photos too today, I’ve taken four so far of the same image and have a few more to try out

(Brenda Cumming) #7

I am still miffed about taking photos…lol…I just read the thread on the pics where Hilary from admin said she didn’t like the black down the sides of my paintings and thought it was better to have the aceos on a mini easel (like you have Stephie) to convey the size of the paintings. But personally ,much as I love the mini easels, Folksy is the only place where people seem to like the easels. On the dark side most people just have their pics without backgrounds…I have also had comments that people do not realize the size of the easels and even when the seller says “easel not included!”, they still seem to miss this and get disappointed when the easel isn’t sent. I much prefer to just see the painting…and if they didn’t have to be squared off, then the black border wouldn’t be there. I also find that any backgrounds completely distract me from the painting. It is the work I want to see and not a pen, pencil or seashell. I have seen some jewellery where I have found it difficult to even see what is for sale…and that puts me off buying. It is also odd how if the painting is mounted (giving it a border) then THAT is OK but not if it is a piece of paper that the painting is laid on for photographing…odd that!..It only appears to be a problem on Folksy.
It is also strange how this isn’t an issue on the auction site either…all the paintings(aceos) that I see on there, are just the paintings…although they don’t need to be squared off and so no black borders on there…just the painting…maybe that is why I sell everything I list on there.???
I might be stubborn, I know that,…But I still fail to see why this is only an issue on Folksy…

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(Stephanie Guy) #8

I understand perfectly Brenda, it is very much a folksy thing. I’ve been browsing artfinder to see how people display their work and for the main pic it is mostly just the painting itself, no background, no easels etc. Lifestyle images are secondary.

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(Margaret Jackson) #9

Lovely bookmarks Brenda,

Stephie, my favourite of those photos is the third one, with the wood stripes as the background.

I’m having a few days off work this week, hoping to visit Bodnant gardens tomorrow, hope the rain holds off!

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Thanks Margaret, that’s my fave too - reassuring as that’s how most of my recent work is photographed :smile:

Enjoy your time off work, sounds like you need a rest.

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(Brenda Cumming) #11

I went to Bodnant gardens when I was 14 and I can still vividly remember walking under a walkway with blossoms hanging down over my head…a beautiful place to visit…enjoy.

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(Maxine Veronica) #12

Good morning, lovely work everyone. Pinch punch first of the month lol! there’s definitely a nip of Autumn in the air and OH spent some time yesterday clearning fallen leaves. I love Autumn :). As for photographs, I try to use all 5 and do a mixture of just the artwork, a close up a lifestyle an ‘angle’ one with my ‘hand’ in for size and and easel if I can, something for everyone and it means I can use whichever is more suitable for each site!.

Brenda maybe you could try white paper? draw a square 3.5 x 3.5 and place your ACEO in the middle of the square then you can crop to the square and have a white border? anyway I’m sure you are probably fed up with all the advice and good intentions, but at the end of the day it’s your own preference and style that counts and you sell well so your customers are clearly happy.

Enjoy your day Margaret

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(Brenda Cumming) #13

I tried that Max and still got criticized…lol…I despair…lol…What makes me smile is that in effect I am told that because admin are not keen on the black stripes down the sides of the painting, I won’t be featured…
With white paper the paintings didn’t show up very well and the black made a better contrast…but obviously I know nothing…lol.
Anyway, here is another landscape…with black stripes…sigh

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(Margaret Jackson) #14

your photos look fine to me Brenda, it’s just your style, don’t change how you are is my advice. Lovely landscape :smile:

I always think of you and Max when I visit Wales, it might rain but that doesn’t bother me. I love autumn too, far more than summer!

(Kelever) #15

Hi all…

Here is another one of my ACEO paintings…

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(Brenda Cumming) #16

Margaret, thank you for that…I have always found that if I try to comply with what OTHER people want, it never works for me…at the end of the day, I suppose it is all down to personal taste…and I also know that sometimes I like the idea of being a rebel, (lol)…that comes from having a strict upbringing and reaching old age and thinking “what the heck!”…
Also some good advice from a friend
"Do what you love and others will love it too!"
Enough said…lol…

(Stephanie Guy) #17

I’m a complete tart when it comes to seasons, I love them all :slight_smile:

Look pretty things are happening in my palette

(Brenda Cumming) #18

OOOh Stephie…what is that…looks interesting…

(Maxine Veronica) #19

Good morning, lovely landscape Brenda and such pretty colours Kelly.
That does look interesting Stephie, is it pebeo?

This is one of the scrapbooks I made using cutouts from my new sexy cricut :wink:

(Brenda Cumming) #20

Your books are awesome Max…I am still painting in my one…and love the way it is turning out.
My listing today…