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Weekly art chat w/c 19 May

(Margaret Jackson) #1

The place to show and chat about art.

Morning everyone!

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Good Morning Margaret … hope you had a good day :smile:

I have a couple of paintings to list but need to get on with some web work first thing today so for now I will show one of my pieces from my shop …

This is my monochrome A4 poppies … which is about to be my one day sale item

(Gaynor Hill) #3

Morning everyone. Your monochrome is really effective Hazel - it’s as though your looking at the poppies in the moonlight.

I sold the first print of the Land Rover yesterday - yay! Won’t be much left over after I pay the print set up costs though. Pictures for the MG commission have yet to arrive.

Have a good Monday all.


(Brenda Cumming) #4

Morning ladies…waving…
Hazel, I like that…very effective…reminds me of the dancing flowers in Fantasia.
Just listed this one…bluebells with glitter.

(Margaret Jackson) #5

The monochrome poppies look magical Hazel,

Well done on the Land Rover print sale Gaynor,

Fab bluebells Brenda.

My sister in law should be having her gall bladder removed today, all being well. My brother will have to look after her, I’m not sure if I’m more concerned about her having the operation, or about David having to cope with caring for her! I’ve told him to call me if he needs help, but hopefully all will go well.

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

Thank you for the compliments in my black and white poppies, they are fun, I may come back to more monochrome but for now I’m in colour mode … And we all know how much I love a splash of colour :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well for your sister in law Margaret and yes the home care after an operation is an essential part of the recovery, good your brother has you for support :slight_smile:

Great bluebells Brenda, I really like that one with the tree bursting out of the mass of flowers

Congrats on the sale Gaynor I’m sure you will get many more for the cars they are wonderful :slight_smile:

Just waiting for my client to confirm I have used the pictures he wanted in all the right places then onto the next stage of this web development … It’s been a good project and now we are nearly done I’m keen to finished it off :slight_smile:

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Now listed :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #8

That’s so pretty Hazel, love it!

(Hazel Rayfield) #9

Thank you Margaret :slight_smile: Simple but effective I thought …

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Aftrnoon gang :smile:

Magical bluebell wood Brenda - the dead twisted tree and the glitter in the bluebells contrast each other very well.

Big congrats on the sale Gaynor. Once the print has been set up will it be cheaper for you next time, or do they have to set it up each time?

Hazel I agree that your flower vine is very effective. It looks good on the full screen of the listing.

Here’s my new listing, the forget me nots I painted yesterday. I found them really very tricky to do!

(Brenda Cumming) #11

that is very effective Stephie…there is a lady who lives near Brighton who sells large paintings in a similar style and the price is over £5,000

(Stephanie Guy) #12

Wowee! One day Margaret your collection is going to be worth an absolute fortune :smiley:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Only I’ll never sell any of them Stephie! :smile:

Love the forget me nots, very pretty.

(Hazel Rayfield) #14

Very pretty Stephie I do like your splash style - very cleverly done :slight_smile:

"Only I’ll never sell any of them "
I find that Art Collectors such as yourself Margaret are very fond of their collections - best way to be in my personal opinion - but you never know one of your collection artists might be famous one day … Not sure it will be me :wink: Art In Wax is a bit off the main stream lol

(Maxine Veronica) #15

afternoon all, back from west wales and had a lovely break I painted too, got lots to list this week. just listed this for Stephie

Got an ink art bluebell wood ready for tomorrow, love bluebells they are staring to fade now on the wood we went to yesterday but still a lovey blue. Yours are lovely and soft Brenda

I don’t see why it would not be you art in wax Hazel, after all if it was good enough for Turner! he used to add wax to his paints to get texture :smile: great flowers too very effective

very pretty forgetmenots Stephie

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Even if one of you got very famous, and I see no reason why it couldn’t be any of you, I’m attached to my collection. I collect because I want to own and enjoy the art, not as an ‘investment’ in case it’s worth something one day. When I was on holiday and didn’t have my collection with me, I really missed it, and I was only away for four nights!

(Hazel Rayfield) #17

lol thank you Max :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere about turner and wax - and you have reminded me saying that I would like to go to the Turner Gallery in Margate one day :slight_smile:

I know what you mean @Louisa15 Margaret I’m surround by Art (not just mine) all day as I work at home and I miss it when we are away too …

I’ll be taking my new pen and watercolour paper next time we go though so I can doodle :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #18

I wish I could take my painting with me when I go on any holidays…hubby would have a fit…I get dragged around shops for hours on end…sigh…on a good note, he sorts out all the local art galleries for me to visit…so I usually have something to look forward to, as well as no cooking etc…
Glad you had a nice time Max and you had some good weather as well.(lovely magnet) I have over 60 aceos waiting to be listed and about 20 larger paintings but I try to limit the listings to one a day or I would be out of pocket financially…

(Stephanie Guy) #19

Goodness I’d be lost without my paints on holiday! Hubs sleeps for the first week of any holiday (he has a stressful job) and no-one is ready to go out before midday, so I get to paint every morning - bliss :blush:

Thanks Max, you were quick off the mark to post it :smiley:

I went to the local post office this afternoon expecting it to have reopened (new owners are refurbishing). My daughter came with me on her rollerblades…ooops it wasn’t open, we had to go a couple of miles further and she had to skate back up the hill! Ah well she’ll sleep tonight.

I do wish the ordinary smilie wasn’t quite so manic looking.

(Margaret Jackson) #20

Manic looking smilies kind of suit me!lol

Wow Brenda I knew you were a prolific painter but I’d no idea you had THAT many still not listed!