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Weird happenings on Google Analytics

I keep an eye on my shop viewing figures through Google Analytics and normally get about 12 sessions per day, mainly in the UK. I don’t use social media.Today so far I have been ‘bombed’ with around 50 sessions from 20 different countries. This would be great, but most of them are looking at non-existent pages listed as / , with the page titles (not set), Home page and Home Page! Back in December I had some viewings from Moscow of a non-existent page called co.lumb and other people reported the same experience, but this is on an altogether bigger scale! Has this happened to anyone else and does it pose a threat of some kind?

I’m getting a lot of these - up to 100 visits a day some days, for about the last month.
Both here and on my *tsy page.

What’s more concerning on that is the analytics are suggesting the page they’re looking at (not where they’ve come from!!) is
I don’t like it!

Did you submit a studio pic to go on the signed out page? Another forum frequenter had a massive spike in views which when we integrogated GA came back with ‘shared session’ as referral source and we eventually tracked it to his picture being on the signed out front page. Don’t think I ever knew which page they were landing on in his shop. But it could be that you are being subjected to a web crawler - I’ve never experienced one that extreme but I don’t follow my viewing figures that closely in GA (as I’ve found no link between views and sales) so I could have missed it.

Happens to me but only for my Folksy page. Never for Etsy.
Don’t know why or what the difference is. Can’t be bothered with GA anymore to be honest.
But yeah- it happens quite a lot to me. Also by about the same amount. Then some weeks it’s just normal with actual views. Very odd. But hey ho, that’s the internet for you I guess.

No I haven’t submitted any pics. I only reopened my shop last week after several weeks in holiday mode - but looking back there was a spike at the beginning of the month which I put down to the Easter holidays.

I have been getting the same for the past month or so. This afternoon there were 23 all at the same time and different countries.

These are the same robots as before, they have just changed the site names. You can find them in GA by using the behaviour tab or acquisition you can determine the web sites they are using currently. You can exclude these IP address from GA but they will change in the near future and you will have to change it. I just ignore the numbers and don’t include them when calculating my stats. They aren’t sinister, just annoying.

I’ve had this in my shop here and my Etsy shop for months now, it annoys me so much I rarely bother going on GA now. I tried using a filter to exclude the views coming from the worst one, but like Leslie has said above, they change very often and it’s hard to keep on top of it.

Hi there, I would echo most of the stories you have said - massive hits and yet they are only there for seconds, so not exactly a real measure of use I would say! Getting bit disillusioned with GA too, and like the rest of you, hope it isn’t anything sinister… all the best, Edwina from CrochetNotes