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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

love the pants cushion
and the personalised one
I want to do something similar with scarves
initials perhaps :smile:

Thanks Pete,

The pants cushion is one of my favourites and it always gets so many comments and laughs at the Fairs :smile:

Hi I’m new to crafting and Folksy.

I have always been ok at craft projects, but have had a few ideas over the past months that I really feel I can pull off to a good standard. My ideas so far mainly revolve around garland (mainly felt). I must admit that at present I am not looking to sell my crafts, as I feel I need to know more about the legal side of selling handmade items. I also need to gain confidence that what I make is of a quality that I could sell.

I may just loiter and read more to start with rather than post. Those posts may also be mainly looking for advice if that’s OK?

Happy to meet you all.


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Hi I’m new the forums and started up a folksy site back in November. Have been keeping my head down whist fiddling with banners, logos and photo sizes!! oh boy! Think I am starting to get there.

How long does it take just to photograph products when you want to get on with making! Any tips or advice greatly received as I am at the start of my journey and learning as I go…

Hi from Pearls And Pebbles Handmade Designs, I’ve just opened my shop here on Folksy so wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kelly & I’ve been making jewellery for 7 years now after being taught by my Aunt after illness prevented me from working. I’ve had some success previously at craft fairs & thought I’d try selling online & possibly make some new crafty friends. X.

Hi Emma! Photography is such a huge and time consuming part of selling, isn’t it?!

You look like you’re doing really well so far, but there’s loads of tips for the technical side of it here which might help save a bit of time:

If there’s any specific advice you would like; a shop critique or a review of your images, Shop Talk is the place to ask!


Hi Kelly! Welcome aboard :blush:

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Thank you. X.

Hi everyone I am completely new here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and in my spare time I love making photo albums. The photo albums I create I do not see anyone else making here in the UK, it seems more an American idea. Right now though I decided to go back to college for 2 years. Just finishing my first year and enjoying it. The subject is web design, e-commerce and database design. To gain more experience in this field I would love to pick your brains. As this is an introductory post I wont be asking lots of questions here. :slight_smile: However please feel free to reply and let me know how a database could make your lives easier by tracking your orders, customers, reports over multiple platforms. What particular part of receiving orders and processing could be made faster or better if only you had some sort of database to do it? Looking forward to the discussion.

Hey everyone.

I am new here so thought I would stop by to introduce myself.

I am Danielle and I am a lampworker from Preston, Lancashire. For those of you who are not familiar with lampwork, I melt molten rods of glass around a mandrel and then shape it, swirl it, squish it etc! Then the beads go into a kiln to be baked for strength and durability.

Sometimes I make jewellery with these beads, sometimes I horde them and sometimes I sell them.

This is my first online shop and I have opened it after procrastinating about it for a few months. But, here I am. I look forward to getting to know everyone one here :smile:

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Hello I’m Leah. I’ve recently returned to craft after a 30 year break and loving every minute of it! I design, spin, dye, hand knit and machine knit in my home studio in Penzance Cornwall. I’ve recently computer hacked into a 30 year old electronic knitting machine by replacing it’s old ‘brain’ with a new and up-to-date one which I talk to using open source software. It’s really exciting because it opens up a whole new world of patterning and combines my old craft skills with my more recent computer and programming skills (that’s part of what I’ve been doing in the last 30 years). Delighted to join the Folksy community, Earning a living in craft can be very isolating.

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Hello, I’m Alex and I live in South Bucks. I’ve started a craft business so that I can work from home with hours that suit around home educating my son. I will try my hand at any craft (from spinning to blacksmithing!) but my business focuses mostly on felt appliqué. I look forward to getting to know some of you lovely crafters :smile:

Hi there! I’m just starting to get my Folksy shop back up and running after some time away. I design cross stitch patterns, and I love to stitch all the time!

Looking to make some new friends too, so if you have a moment, pop over to my shop and check out my designs, I would love to see you there!

Hi ive only just joined the forum, still figuring out how it work. Hoping to find out some useful tips that will help me out :smile:

No idea if I’m posting in the correct place. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Wendy and I have just opened a shop called Gower Bags… All a bit daunting

I’m a Wendy and new too! Just opened my shop - i’ve no idea what I’m doing but have loads more pieces to add. Please pop over - I hope you like it! Wx

Hi @Lunarbeads @Ecosiknits @GingerKitten @CrossStitchCards @KellyAttenborough @wendyatgowerbags @SimplyPrettyJewellery and anyone else I’ve missed !

If you have any questions, dive on in! Shop Talk is the best place for tips and to ask about selling on Folksy and there’s lots of general chat in the Craft Talk and Fancy a Cuppa forums. If you would like to promote your shop or any offers, do join one of the threads in the Showcase category.

Just click reply at the bottom of any existing topic to start chatting, or click ‘new topic’ at the top of the page to start a new discussion. If you’re not sure which category to put a new topic in, leave it uncategorised and someone will move it for you.

If you get lost, give me a shout (tag me with @sianfolksy) or email us at :smile:

Feel like your post isn’t complete without a smiley face or a picture of a penguin :penguin:?
Try this:

Thank you very much Sian! I’ve been on Etsy a while but Folksy is very different - fingers crossed I get the hang of it!! Wx

Hi, I am Sue, I recently started up my shop on Folksy again after a long illness, I haven’t very much in my shop at the moment but will gradually add, I have an instagram page also

I am what they call, a jack of all trades Lady, I paint in various medium, mostly acrylics, I also do prints of my work, I also like sewing crafts, handbags, make up bags, kindle covers,etc I love knitting & crocheting, you will see all these in my shop soon and I hope you will agree affordable prices, we are living in tuff times where money is involved, I’m 62 in June so I create for pleasure and not trying to earn loads of money but it is good to sell my crafts and paintings to share with other’s and they can enjoy them, I love happy customers, that’s my main concern and what makes me happy.
I like to think that I am a humble person and I am always ready for my online friends to give me advice in anyway to run my shop successfully, so fire away, give it your best shot, I know I need help and its the way we learn, we are never to young or old to learn

Have a great weekend every body, love to you all xx

This is my latest knitting creations fabulous Hedgehogs

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Welcome back sue.
Did wonder were you went. Hope you are feeling better.
Big hugs.
Live forward to seeing you about again

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