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What and when was your first sale?

(Thedotterypotter) #21

I’m not sure, I was here in 2008 and I remember feeling really please that Folksy opened as I had been wanting to join the dark side but you needed to register a credit card (I think) back then to be able to join but I didn’t have one and it wouldn’t accept my debit card. Then one of the Mums on the school run told me about Folksy!
I opened shop in 2008, had that one sale and then I just abandoned my shop until I decided to give the business a good go in 2010…the rest is history!

(Camilla) #22

Joy, your shop was opened on 9 April 2009 - so yes, almost time for an 10th anniversary!

The first shop to open that still exists now is Asking for Trouble, which was opened by Marceline Smith on 6th July 2008 -

We actually ran an interview with Marceline here a few years ago where she told us what Folksy was like for her at the beginning

(Thedotterypotter) #23

Ooh, I’m just going to read that interview :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what date I opened please Camilla @folksycontent (sorry, I know that you’ve got better things to do!) I was going to run a 10 year giveaway but never managed to get round to it…I think I’m going to do a belated one!

(Camilla) #24

Ha! Here you go Sarah - your shop was created on 23rd July 2008, so it’s one of the very first!

(Thedotterypotter) #25

Thanks so much Camilla xx

(Joy Salt) #26

Thanks Camilla. I’ll put in on my wall chart :slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #27

11 year giveaways are so “in” at the moment!

(Thedotterypotter) #28

Hehe…yeah,I thought they were! That’s what I planned!

(Helen Healey) #29

How lovely that you’re one of the oldest shops Sarah @thedotterypotter

My first sale was this toiletry bag back in May 2015. It took 7 months after opening my shop to make my first sale but I wasn’t really promoting it back then as I was concentrating on making stock and getting my first few craft fairs under my belt.

(Susan Bonnar) #30

7 months - wow! You were patient! Lovely bag!

(helenjosephinejewellery) #31

My first sales were last night! I’m new here so very excited about making a sale.

(Mandie Bailey) #32

Thought I’d look this up! My first sale was almost 6 years ago (12/3/13); not sure when I opened my shop but I think it was a few months before. Was very excited, then was quite stressed getting it made and posted. Quickly made the decision to have most of my products available to sell (as originally was all made to order).