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What are you going to do whilst in isolation?

If you are already in isolation or preparing for quarantine/ lockdown - how are you planning to spend your free time?

I’ll still be making my ceramics but I was thinking of getting my sewing machine out and trying to learn the basics. I’ve also got a flute that I have never learnt to play, so I think I will be giving that a go too.

Are you planning to learn a new skill, have you got a back catalogue of books you would like to read or are you going to dive headlong into the DIY?


Yes, get put your sewing machine whirring and learn that flute! There will never be a better time and it seems this is going to go on for a long time. It’s insane, I’m struggling to fathom it and struggling to work at the moment. I have a beautiful old piano, that was a wedding gift to my grandparents from my great grandparents. It’s noisy though! So I have extravagantly ordered a (cheap) digital piano, that I can practice on for hours with headphones, without bothering the neighbours. Pretty excited! (As well as fending off gloom.)


Get your sewing machine whirring, that is, not ‘get put’! Wretched thumbs.


I’ve got a sudden and most unexpected urge to clean…deep clean! Most unlike me!! :open_mouth:


Funny about the cleaning I have an urge to start the decluttering already thrown away a lot of t shirts. The whole house is being done and told DH that the small loft had got to be emptied again. Nothing in the top loft but we did put things in the small one. We have way too much stuff.

2020 the year to do all the things you never get round to doing.

Sew some clothes, used to make a lot but filling my store has taken over.

Read all those books I have stored up.

Restart my Poldark x stitch picture, have had for about 5 years.


I will be drawing and painting and I also have the urge to clean and sort cupboards. :slight_smile:


well, the timing has come while I am recovering from surgery, but I have been sitting with a lovely new notebook drawing potential designs.


I’ll be making more candles and building up stock for when everything restarts, also posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram - candle making is carrying on completely as normal, orders are coming in and going out - Royal Mail is great!


I’m in a creative mood lately so I will be creating more things and learn new things. It’s time now to improve my crochet skills and read books I’ve bought and kept on the bookshelf. It’s also a great opportunity to rest my hands and my laptop. We both have been working every day for the past 7 years!


As we are both in the vulnerable category we are only going out for shopping (been today, nothing on the shelves, luckily we eat mostly fresh ingredients so was able to get my usual shopping and managed to get my gluten free items). So we are staying in, I am sewing items for when I re-open my shop, hubby is making his locomotive models, so we are OK. We get on really well, still having a laugh and keeping sane and doing what we have been advised to do. Keep safe everyone.


Hi all, looks like everyone has some exciting plans for their isolation period! I’m about to find out how good a teacher I might have been & whether I can learn a lot more patience than I currently have as I’ll have a little man at home again from next week!

I am definitely approaching this with some trepidation as I am not a particularly patient person & have got used to having the house to myself during school days! Oh well :crossed_fingers: and there are a lot of parents who are really going to struggle with childcare so I know I’m one of the lucky ones not having to deal with that headache.

Take care all, enjoy learning your now skills & I look forward to seeing some wonderful creations from all those newly learned skills!

Stay safe, cheers Lou


I’m looking on this as a great opportunity to get stuff done and my to-do list is as long as my arm.

I think there will be lots of tweaking going on in my Folksy shop for a start!

Today I am wallpapering, just sat down for a glass of water before I put the last sheet up ( I have to pace myself nowadays :rofl:).

I am an exam invigilator, so I doubt if I will have any work this summer, but that means there will be lots of time for gardening, so planning to plant extra veggies this year. Digging for Victory !

Make some new lines and plenty of stock ready for when craft fairs are back up and running

Sort out my wardrobe, maybe make myself some new clothes

Get out for some lovely long walks in the Derbyshire countryside


I am also looking at veggie planting as well as cut flower planting.
I’m also upping my wire wrapping skills. So far I have managed to stay well clear of the cleaning and sorting out bug - that’ll be the day the world stands still!!


Twwwwwlvvvvve weeks of painting from my phographs, going over my T shirt designs to try following advice on getting noticed! Read more advice! Frame some prints.


Not looking forward to being isolated. At the moment the shop/post office I work in is still very much open and busy. Can’t really afford to be off, but if it happens it happens.

But when happens, I have new ideas to make some new items, going back to my cross stitch and I got a keyboard for a Christmas, so at 52 I’m going to learn something I have wanted to do for ages.

Hope everyone stays safe and well xxx


Hello Everyone!
I am about to move home :tired_face:, there are boxes everywhere and because we thought we were moving tomorrow we packed a lot of essentials ….we are now moving for definite on the 3rd April so I will have to unpack some boxes to find stuff we need! :anguished:
My craft room was the first room to be packed away, it was a big job!! :rofl:
Sooo …once we have moved I will spend my isolation busily unpacking and getting lost in boxes.

Take care everyone! x


So tomorrow I’m driving for an hour to take food to my daughter because her large online shop that she ordered a week ago was cancelled at the last minute with no warning by Asda. She has the dreaded virus, and I’m in a high-risk category, so I will be dropping it off at her door and then waving to her from the safety of my car.

Then I will be tearing my hair out trying for the fourth time to get my work laptop to work from home.


I’ve had all my pet visiting cancelled so I’ve made a start on some decorating. I’m not yet in isolation, but I guess it’s only a matter of time. And then if I feel up to it, I have a top I want to make for myself.


I hope your daughter gets well again soon.


Thank you!

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