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Struggling to work at the mo!

(Donna) #1

Is anyone else having trouble getting down to work since Christmas?
I started off quite well with some new baby blankets at the beginning of January, but since I’ve really struggled! I have orders to embroider and commissions to work on but I’m procrastinating so much nothing’s getting done :cry: Hopefully it’ll wear off when the mornings start getting lighter, but for now there is chocolate and coffee :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Yes! I have a pile of work to get through, but the adrenalin rush that I had for the Christmas rush has worn off and not come back. I’ve made a list of everything I have to do, and am making myself do at least 2 things a day from it - sometimes I get way more done, but sometimes I’m grateful if I can get two things done. It’s like wading through treacle at the moment, but hopefully now the days are getting longer again the energy and enthusiasm will kick start :slight_smile:

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(Donna) #3

I may have to try making a list :slight_smile: but for now I’m going to enjoy a day off waiting for a delivery from the wholesalers :grin:

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(Lorraine Burt) #4

Hi Donna,
Enjoy your day off, we all need one once in a while particularly if things seem tough. I find if I make a playlist of music I really love but haven’t heard in a while, It does make me want to stay in one place and get down to the business of making! I’m having an 80’s phase right now. Hope that helps. Chocolate and coffee good also x :grinning:

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Yep I’m doing jobs for ‘poeple’ rather than my shop at the moment, I still have a knit to finish for mother, a quilt to finish for daughter, and a knitted cable jumper-dress.

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(Sasha Garrett) #6

I’ve been watching the starlings eat the berries off the rowan tree and wondering if the payment for an order is going to come through… I will do some work, I will, I will… maybe a cup of tea first…

(Donna) #7

I have Robins which just have to be watched. There are 3 that live in our garden, so they can be watched through pretty much any window lol maybe I should move the feeders and fatballs so I can’t see them :grinning:

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Yep, I said to myself to re-evaluate what Im making and had a plan, but the plan isn’t happening just yet, its there but very slow.

(Jenny Baxter) #9

I blame the cold… my body keeps trying to hibernate :wink:

(Sasha Garrett) #10

Thankfully the big tree that most of the birds congregate in is in the back garden and I’m looking out over the front …
It doesn’t help me that what I’m supposed to be doing is finishing off a display tray for all my valentines pieces before the next round of craft markets, drilling and countersinking holes before screwing the bits together is so dull.

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(Deborah Jones) #11

I too am finding it really hard to stay focused . The run up to Christmas was so full on, that it was really hard to take a break -knowing how much there was to do ,but now it is really hard to get going again.
I seem to be just working on orders and not getting any new stock made.

I always seem to work best when under pressure , so booking a craft fair would probably sort me out.

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(Lavender Blu Designs) #12

I’m feeling exactly the same! I forced myself to make a couple of things in the New Year, but since then I’ve been really unproductive :disappointed: I will do anything - watch tv, surf the internet, even do more housework(!!) just to avoid settling down to my sewing. I keep telling myself how daft I’m being, because once I get started again I’ll be in my element and love every minute of it. I guess I just need to get myself in the right mindset.

(Bizzy Liz) #13

Hi all, I’m glad it’s not just me! I have so many ideas but lack the enthusiasm to make the pieces. Maybe it’s the weather, I dunno. I also find the whole promoting thing a pain in the bum. Off to make another cup of tea, not that I’m procrastinating.

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(Roz) #14

Yes, finding it very hard. I think the knowledge that sales are going to be minimal doesnt help with the motivation. I’ve found it easier just to try out some new techniques and experiments rather than trying to add to my stock. Todays challenge was arm knitting … now onto the next one.

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(Minerva) #15

Right after Xmas, yes. But then I got 3 large orders one after the other and got me in the mood whether I liked it or not :smile: No complaints, whatsoever, of course! I’m alright now.

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #16

You are not alone!!
I have been so snowed under getting my accounts into order after Christmas I hadn’t made anything apart from orders that have come in since Christmas.
Today however I have taught myself something new!! :grinning:
I was so excited last night about getting started I couldn’t sleep!!
I am still going thru the proto type stage and I need to make a visit to the craft shop (any excuse) for supplies tomorrow, but then I’m going for it!
I’m hoping once I have got the new stuff out my system a bit I can get back to the normal.
It doesn’t help however that my mosaic workshop in the barn is FREEZING!!!

(Sarah Lambert) #17

Thanks all - you’ve just reminded me I’m supposed to be photographing an item while it’s still light. My first of the year- talk about a tortoise- one new product every twenty days isn’t quite what I was hoping to achieve .

(Anna Lisa Walker) #18

I am also very relieved to hear it’s not just me. I roped my sister into helping me submit my online tax return today and ended up teaching her how to needle felt a robin. A more productive decision would have been to take advantage of the company and begin my own project at the same time - instead, I ate biscuits and watched, rather neatly breaking 2 resolutions in one! (Watching wild birds from my window whilst doing so would have been an added bonus though!)

(Julie Maginn) #19

Yep, me too. I seem to spend more time making lists of things to do than doing them, and someone has just reminded me I need to get my accounts up to date too! Oh I feel another list coming on!!!

(Karen Ellam) #20

Phew… I’m not alone lol

Since Christmas I just can’t get my creative mojo back, and it’s really frustrating.
After I’ve got home from work I just feel too drained.
I think the cold, dark weather definitely doesn’t help.

Today has been sunny so I dived straight into my crafts after work. I made a couple of things, but I still struggled to keep focused. My mind keeps wandering …

Is this what writers block feels like I wonder?

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