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And it's still Christmas...!

Happy New Year everyone!! Well I decided to give my shop a bit of a new year makeover. Shiny new banner, moved all the Christmas stuff to the bottom of the page, took Christmas stuff off the featured items generally de-christmas’d my shop (and quite possibly invented a new word!:laughing:) So what was my first sale of the year this morning…a christmas tree decoration!!! Hooray for Christmas apparently still going strong!!! :evergreen_tree:


Good plan, I just moved my Xmas sale items to the bottom of my shop. No sales this year yet though.

I haven’t done the shop makeover, but still selling diaries :smile:

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Yes I sold a Christmas Tree and an angel on New Year’s Day. I had just been contemplating how to hide Christmas specific things.

??? I was wondering whether I could just hide them away for 7 -8 months in Hidden but that says expiry date works as normal so that’s no help. If I remove them from sale I will forget to put them back in autumn… what does everyone else do with Christmas / seasonal things which are perfectly good to go for next season but which you don’t really want displayed in your shop at unseasonal times. ?

Last year I just moved them to the bottom of the listings and left them there all year but that was my first Christmas. I have a lot more of them this year so I’m not sure what to do. I may hide them but keep relisting when they expire as I have a plus account.

I sell stuff that I consider as valentines through out the year as some people just consider it romantic or like hearts so I wouldn’t hide any items just because you consider them seasonal - someone else might not share that view and want to buy the item at a seemingly random time of year. I’m sure there are fans of robins and angels out there who want them year round. I’d just rejig your shops so that the seasonal items are at the bottom/ last page but leave the listings active.

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Thing is people will buy Christmas items after Christmas for next Christmas.

I’m doing what I did last year slowly moving Christmas items down to my back page. I have a Christmas section and if someone clicks on that section I want them to not find it empty of Christmas items.

I don’t do it all at once but if you look at my shop I’ve moved my Valentines items to the top of the shop and some of my Christmas items are now at the back of the shop while others are still halfway down page one.

Over the next few weeks they’ll make their way to the back page and Mother’s Day, then Easter Cards will be at the top of page one.

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Yes I probably should do that. It’s only a few things really - holly, christmas tree related. Stars and Angels sell all year round. Just annoying when I realise mid December that a perfectly lovely suncatcher is hidden away because it expired and I didn’t notice. :slight_smile:

Eileen I like that idea. I do usually move things down but not in quite an order manner as yours which I will copy if that’s ok with you. xxx

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If it helps Joy go for it :slight_smile:

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All my Christmas stock will be staying in my shop all year just not at the top. I buy Christmas things at any time of year so I would never take them out of sale. In fact quite a few of my own Christmas decorations never quite make it back in the box and look quite happy in my room all year round!!!:smile:
I am continuing making Christmas things through January this year as I was so behind this Christmas I am going to be totally organised by next Christmas :laughing: at least that’s what I keep telling myself!!

well Joy, not to sound too annoyingly efficient, you could always put them in hidden, let them while away their days until they expire(!) BUT as you move said item, make a note to self on phone calendar/ paper calendar/ Filofax, to look for said item say 1st September, then that gives you a timely reminder to forage for the item, re-photo is you want and still have total listing time for the item before next Christmas, simples!!
Just a thought/ plan ‘A’ !
Suzzie x

Thanks Suzzie but that may be a little bit too organised for me. A good plan but I suspect I may be better hiding them on the last page as Eileen suggests. I usually have 5 or so pages so there’s plenty of hiding spaces down there at the bottom. :slight_smile:

PS: Just looked on that last page 5 and found some Christmas Bells - wondered why they hadn’t sold !!!

Hmmmm. Having seen all the responses on here I think I’ll stick with what I did last year and leave the Christmas items active at the bottom of the listings rather than hide them.

If you have a plus account and can just keep relisting for free then why not? People shop at non-seasonal times of the year. I sold more Christmas ornaments and woolly hats in July than the rest of the year put together!

Hi ,
Since starting my 40% sale for Xmas stock, had six sales straight away, I’ve decided to keep it going until the end of January. I was even thinking of adding new Xmas ‘16’ designs at a special price? Has anyone done this before?
Steph X

This year I’m keeping a Christmas category all year, along with Valentines, Easter and Halloween. They’ll all lurk together at the bottom of my shop unless they’re relevant to the time of year.

That’s a good idea Steph, especially if you find you have more orders than you can fulfill in December.

Can’t believe it…sold 2 Christmas decorations today!!! So glad I didn’t take them out of my shop. Now I’ll have to see if I can sell an Easter decoration in December!!! :evergreen_tree::hatched_chick:_


My Christmas items are still in my shop and will remain there until the listing runs out in March. It would be nice if I could sell some of them before they do run out.