Folksy Ltd

What do you like to do

in between making things for your folksy shop?

I like making soup, often ideas for new work can come into my head while doing something completely different.

I make things for my family, especially my 1 year old granddaughter :smiley:


I knit socks, my eldest son in particular is very keen on handknitted socks!

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I play guitar, I also play a lot of badminton.

I also love growing my own veggies and fruit then cooking it up into yummie things :smiley:

I’ll be harvesting my red grapes tomorrow and making grape juice to freeze for Christmas Day (I don’t like wine)

I make a lot of pickles, jams, preserves and infused oils for the home, and giving away as pressies. :smile:

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If and when I get any spare time, I like to curl up on the sofa with and old film…and I’m talking Breakfast at Tiffanys, High Society, The Wild One, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof… not Grease and Dirty Dancing although I do like those as well :slight_smile:

I love the Tati films for rainy afternoons :smile:

Wish I could knit like you Helen Smith.

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Kayaking, I love kayaking with my little boys. My husband watches with our toddler who likes to come in a double with me when he’s allowed. We travel hundreds of miles to compete just for ten minutes on the water - must be mad :smile:

I spend lots of time cycling alongside my daughter riding her pony. I have to open all the gates for her! Also walking our mad spaniel Honey :slight_smile:

I like to go on holiday :slight_smile:


If I’m not making, I’m usually thinking about making!
I like to spend time with my family and my boyfriend. I enjoy watching some of my favourite box sets, walking, playing with my Pixie dog and doing a bit of sea pottery hunting hand in hand with my boyfriend.

When I’m not crafting, I also like to grow fruit and veg in my garden and make lots of jams and chutneys from my produce. Last year I made apple liqueur with the intention of giving it as Christmas hamper gifts. It was too nice, so I ended up keeping it. :wink:

As home made alcohol seems to be stronger than the anything you can buy in the shops, does this mean Esterina that you spent most of December in a tipsy haze ? :slight_smile:

I love writing short stories and making stop motion animations :slight_smile:

this is a stop motion that I done which used my love of crochet :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not hard to learn to knit Matt, my youngest son can do it and he’s not really a ‘maker’ at all (apart from lego). And never too late, I didn’t learn til I was an adult.

You all sound so busy :smile:

Helen, I must give knitting another go…my attempts got very tight on the needles :-/

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I would be really grateful if you could spare a few moments to fill in my questionnaire;

The research will help me with my own work as I design and make home interior products.


Relax a bit more! Also, sometimes it’s to do with the yarn not liking that sort of needle, I swear by Knit Pro needles, they make everything much easier.

Yes, you could say that, lovely though.

I love to read, really relaxes me. On a Sunday, a glass of red with it, sat in the woodland area of the garden and our kitties chill with me! Love to go out an walk too, a little gardening…lots of plums and grapes this year!

I started to learn to play Alto Recorder but got too busy!!..I guess it is just a luxury to sit and sew as so much time is spent trying to catch up with packing kits, blogging, networking and all the other things that go into the business itself. Whlist I sew I love listening to BBCi Player Radio ; Radio 4 History & Culture programmes and e4 drama. Of course I adore my beloved Jack Russell’s, Maud and Alice and my day always starts with walking them!