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What do you think of gift tags?

I like making gift tags but there doesn’t seem much interest for them from what I have seen, I would like your opinions please as I don’t want to waste my time making something that could be sat in my shop for ages :frowning: if there is very little interest I would like to put my time and materials to good use in my cards or gift bags


The only time I use gift tags is when I’m labelling up gift bags at christmas so I know which is going to whom so maybe only sell them in conjunction with bags and not separately.

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I’ve sold a fair few gift tags on here. I tend to sell them in pairs or sets of three, as it’s not worth listing individual ones by the time you’ve paid commission for the sale and Paypal commission (I have a Plus Account so don’t have the cost of an individual listing to take into account). Sometimes they have sold as an item on their own, but more often they are part of a bigger order.

I must make some more as I don’t have many left in stock now. I like having them listed in my shop to add to the variety of things on offer.

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I think people do use them, sometimes. Christmas would definitely be a good time to list some because you need them at that time of year. Weddings might be something else to focus on, because guests leave the presents with the bride and groom and need something to identify that they sent the present.

Sam x

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Gift tags are bought I don’t think people give gifts without a tag attached.

But some people prefer the tag to match the wrapping while other’s like to buy a group or selection of tags.

I’ve sold Thousands of gift tags over the years at craft fairs not sold any here yet but I don’t have a great variety put up yet which is something I need to do.

The more variety the more likely you are to sell as you’ll appeal to more/different people’s tastes.

Oh yes something I’ve noticed a tag along with a card is something that also sells well.


I don’t use them: we print off labels for our (adult) kids! If I was going to a wedding, I suppose that I might use one, but I’d probably buy it along with the wrapping paper.

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I’ve sold quite a few packs of Christmas tags (usually packs of 3,4 or 6), but none at any other time.
I’ve also sold a couple of cards with matching tags.

Sorry, that doesn’t really help does it?:slight_smile:

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I find the added cost of postage puts me off buying them online, same with single cards. So only end up adding them to my basket if there are a few cards I want too. I do buy them at fairs though.
Worth adding a few to see for yourself how they go.

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I love printing gift tags, and they sell very well face to face at fairs etc , but not so well online. I tend to sell them mostly in packs of 3 or 5. I am going to add hand printed wrapping and sell them as a pack this year.

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Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :wink: i will still do the odd ones for now but concentrate on my cards/bags more :slight_smile:

Hi I have sold gift tags on Folksy, but it is often nearer to Christmas or on the run up to it. Have to catch people before they buy on the high street. :smiley: