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What happens if you are featured on Folksy?

(Stitchingarainbow) #1

I was wandering, if you are featured on Folksy front page, or in collections how do you know about it? Do you get an email? or you have to check everyday just in case? there are different option, you can end up on their pinterest board, or fb, how would you know?
And also if you know, is there any way of knowing if your photo had been pinned? Not only by folksy, by anyone… or is there a way to check how many pins the photo has?
I am trying to work out how all these ways of promoting work and how much actually can you know what is happening…
I will be grateful for any enlightenment :smile:

(Louise Flude ) #2

Hi stitchingarainbow
You don’t get any sort of notification if you are featured on the front page or in any of the collections, the times my items have been featured it has been pure luck that I have seen them, example this week I looked at the fondant fancies gift guide and sees it features one of my collars! Awesome, but I had no idea.
I usually do a google search using my shops name to see if my items have been featured on any blogs but I don’t know how you see if they have been pinned.

(Stitchingarainbow) #3

Hm… google it… never tried that before, thanks for the idea.
More reason to browse folksy everyday :wink:

(Christina Green) #4

I wish they did tell you, it’d be really useful! I’ve been in the gift guide once that I know of, but could have been there more without realising! It did lead to a sale, woo hoo! (many thanks, Folksy) and improved viewing figures…

(Jill Fairbairn) #5

I only spotted mine by chance…it would be nice to know though if they would be as I was really chuffed! I would have told ANYONE! I’m not sure about the pinning…if it’s on pinterest already and pinned from there it’ll tell you, but don’t think folksy tell us. I’d like to get a notification if someone favourites an item too, that’d be really handy (hint hint folksy robot :wink: ) x

(Jill Fairbairn) #6

Ps…should add, my items that were featured are still for sale x