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What (or who) inspires you?

(Liz Clark) #1

I setup Big Bird Little Bird in memory of my sister who died from cancer 3yrs ago. She would have loved Folksy and seeing all the talented people on here and their makes. Helen used to crochet knit and sew. She made her own clothes, knitted teddy bears for charity, and was trying to sew art dolls when she had to stop due to her illness. Prior to my sister’s passing I hadn’t done any sewing since basic stuff at school, so she inspired me to take it up.

So she is my inspiration, but I am also inspired when I go on long country walks (Lullingstone/Eynsford is a new favourite), the light shining through stained glass windows (such stunning colours!), and the style of the tudor and victorian periods.

So, who or what inspires you when you create?

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #2

Your sister sounds like she was a very talented lady.

I tend to take a lot of inspiration from nature and the gemstones that I work with. I also find a lot of inspiration from other crafter, it always amazes me what other people come up with. I always wish I was as creative and imaginitive

(Suzanne Francis) #3

how lovely to remember your sister for all her talent and creativity :o)

I have just come back from the Scilly Isles, being by the sea and collecting sea glass inspires me to make more things, it’s been a while since I was ale to get to the coast - on Scilly there is lots of coast!! and loads of sea glass, I felt like an over exited kid scanning the beach each evening for sea glass - it was wonderful to actually think of what I was going to make with certain bits I was picking up - all with beautiful scenery and the warm sun whilst doing so - I want to be back there ! :ocean:

(Liz Clark) #4

Thanks Louise, she was very talented. And you are right about other crafters’ work, there is so much to admire just on Folksy alone!

(Liz Clark) #5

Thanks Suzanne. Your trip to the Scilly Isles sounds wonderful!

(Suzanne Francis) #6

It was a holiday I will remember for a very long time, the most wonderful place :o)