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I have some small unpainted mdf shapes. What is the best paint to use to paint them. Previously I’ve used nail varnish

As long as they are properly undercoated, acrylic paints should be fine.

Enamels would be okay too.

I agree with @ChompStomp. Acrylics are better than enamels because there is a greater range of shades and they mix more reliably but enamels might not need varnishing. Having said that, I’ve used acrylics to paint wooden beads before now without varnishing them and they have been fine. I would say that nail varnish is better than either for a sparkly or iridescent finish :smile:

Sam x

acrylics for me and if you don’t like what you have done you can paint over them…

spirit based wood primmer first so it seals promptly then it can take any paint without it chipping off.