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How do you advertise your shop - 0 views?

Hello! How do you lot advertise your shop please? ive had 0 views for the past week. I do well on 2 other sites, so was hoping i’d do well here. I havent been advertising my shop very often, so was thinking where the best places are. I’d like to add a load more items, but as i have 0 views, i guess that would be a waste of time at the moment, thank’s x

I promote on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Craftjuice and occasionally on Google +, and they all link back to my Folksy shop.I haven’t been very active this week as I’m not well, so my views have dropped right down but normally I am spending at least an hour a day promoting…sometimes more.


okay, thanks for your replies. i really need to make some time for my folksy shop, if only there was 30 hours in a day ha ha x


Oh yes more hours would be great :blush:

I’ve not had as much chance to promote this week and my views have plummeted.
It’s super hard work juggling everything but so rewarding when those sales start coming.

All the best with your shop


same here Karen but I’m still getting views not just as many as I’ve done no outside social media promoting this week.

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My Dad always says "Remember your a one woman band juggling handcrafting items, photography, promotion, accounts etc "

It’s not gong to be an easy journey, but I absolutely love it.
I try not to get low when sales dry up. I do work part time as well so luckily it’s not my sole income. That would be a different kettle of fish, and I can understand crafters who despair if it’s their bread & butter.

I’m thinking about maybe opening another online shop this year sometime. Maybe take a walk on the dark side…lol
I do need to think about selling in more than one place. I love Folksy very much and it will always be my favourite I’m sure, but foot fall here seems quite low. I know it’s our job to promote and draw our own customers in, but on more well known sites that foot fall is naturally there. That means more sales happening by browsing surely.

I’m just not sure how to juggle stock. I tend to make a lot of one off items. I’d be abit nervous of listing one thing in a few places.


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Its not just promotion that leads to views but that certainly helps. You need to make sure that your photos will make people want to look at the item in more detail if it comes up in a search, at the moment some of your items are suffering from what I call the ‘folksy crop’ in search results, you need to make sure that the main shot is in square format so that bits of it don’t get chopped off in the search result thumbnail images. You also need to make sure that your tags and description will get you found when people are doing searches.

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I promote mainly on Facebook but I do do that quite aggressively, everything I list, I post on my Facebook page and all my shopping traffic from FB and my own website is directed to my Folksy shop not to any other platform (though I do sell directly via FB when asked)… This all does help and i have lots of views but of course they are not being diluted across other sales sites.

If you don’t mind my mentioning it could I, in the friendliest possible way, suggest though that advertising something with Harry Potter in the name might get you into Copyright trouble so you might be better changing its name or keeping it quiet. If you search copyright in this forum you will see what I mean.

Joy and good luck on getting views. xx

Harry Porter is Trademarked.

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Absolutely, I Was trying to be tactful :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I opened another shop on ‘the other side’ a month or so ago - it seems to get a lot more views and finally yesterday I had my first sale. I also sell my stuff on my own website, so if I sell anything I then spend about half an hour taking it off the other two websites, then making records of sales and changing my inventory spreadsheet!

I only use Facebook at the moment and it’s taken me forever to get to 130 likes! I seem to get lots of likes, but my number doesn’t go up! I only post once or twice a week … I think I need to up my game! x

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132 now :slightly_smiling:

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Thank you Joy! x

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Make that 134 :blush:

Karen x


Hi there, I’m very pleased that this post is here, promotion is my biggest nemesis at the moment!!, I like using Instagram and get a steady flow of likes etc on there… but they don’t seem to result in sales, I find facebook is very difficult as unless you pay for a “boost post” it doesn’t seem to land in peoples feed, I have liked loads of crafty pages but never get their posts in my feed either?! Does anyone else experience this? I opened my store a few weeks back and have made 1 sale which was fantastic but I’d love to sell more, my views are increasing slowly, yesterday was great as Folksy included me in the latest email promotion (my views increased by 3900%!! WOW!!).

I would love your feedback on what you think of the look of my store and any tips to improve it and its promotability as there are some great ideas above.

I was thinking that my plan is to keep making and adding stock (I work full time too so this keeps me really busy!) and once I have plenty of stock, really hit the promotion.

Can anyone share any more info about how you use Pinterest to promote as this is one of the social media’s that so far I haven’t used a great deal.

Thanks ever so much!!

Mel at Ditsy Tulip

Oh, and my little sewing shed, that’s now 135!!

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Thank you everyone! 135!

Mel - I would also love to know how to use Pinterest properly! It takes longer to do the social media side than to do the making! PS I’ve had a quick look at your shop and I think it looks great, I like it when photo’s look similar as it makes your shop look consistent. I have some old photo’s on mine which I’d like to replace once I’ve bought a new camera, to give my shop more unity. A job for another day!

Avidly reading this as I’m new to Folksy too and looking for ways to get my name out there. I have facebook, Twitter and try to mention Folksy whenever i can. I have Pinterest too but not sure I’m using it to be best advantage so any Pinterest experts’ advice would be great to read.

I used a number of different platforms but I only do a post on each one once a week ie I spread it out so I do facebook one day, google+ another, craftjuice the next and so on. I find it alot easier that way.

When I list an item I always twitter it, stick it on pinterest and wanelo.

Then the next day I’ll add it to google+

The next day I add it to craftjuice

Then the next day I add it to facebook.

I just find it’s easier in small bits and I means I reach further.


Hi, I’ve only just opened shop up again as I closed it November as I couldn’t cope with sales on other site. (I’m not complaining about that though!) I don’t promote as much as should but I use Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. I like Pinterest quite a lot. I am busy trying to list all my current listings on here as I really missed Folksy! Haven’t had a sale yet though since re-opening!