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Whatever happened to #FolksyFriday?

I don’t like to fill my FB page with ‘come to my shop’ posts, but every couple of weeks I post one item, with a #FolksyFriday tag. Today I just had a look, and I seem to be all on my own. There are a few people posting on Twitter, but not on FB. Seems a shame - why not join me?!

I would be happy to join you Helen, it’s a good idea to promote as much as we can in the run up to the silly season. I’m not social media savvy and just muddle through. Do I just post on my own timeline with the Folksy Friday tag? I need the idiots guide!

Like @BeguiledByTheBead, I’m not sure what all this is about. Is it a Twitter thing, because I don’t do that at all, but I ‘do’ FB, can I join in there?

If I remember correctly, there used to be a Theme for the week, and people would post on the theme (or whatever they liked, really) using the #FolksyFriday tag. I don’t do Twitter myself, and wasn’t really up to speed with promoting. But recently I decided it would be a good idea to tag my promotional FB posts, and also, if I did it on fridays, it might get me more views if I was ‘joining in’ a trend…

I keep it really simple - a photo of the item, one sentence about it, and the #FolksyFriday tag. I avoid all the words FB doesn’t like - like Buy, Sale, Sell, Shop, any mention of price, and add a comment saying ‘more details here’ and a link to the item in the shop.

I haven’t done folksyfriday for a while, I’ve been off grid for a while and hoping to ‘slowly’ get back into the swing of things again. I stopped doing the FF because there was only a few of us and it didn’t seem to take off, I shared and commented on some but it seemed to fall by the wayside. I used to choose my own theme, maybe I should start doing it again :slight_smile:


I’ve never even heard of this but I’m going to do it! I mainly use Instagram so will do it there. Thanks for the tip!

I’m finding this really interesting, thought I might be able to join in if I Fb on a Friday, but I can’t even see a hashtag on my mac keyboard!! That could be a flaw in the plan, but I will investigate as there must be a way of doing it.

Found it, I press alt and 3 at the same time for a hash tag. So do I just add #FolksyFriday at the end of my post, and that helps in some way? And is it important how the words FolksyFriday are typed?

Sorry so many questions, but if there’s an easy way for us all to link up and get a boost each week, I would like to get it right and join in! I have always thought the hashtag thing was just for tweeters.

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Yes, that’s what I do. Then people can search for the tag, and they see everypone’s posts. You can just type it into Google and all sorts of things come up - from blog posts, to Twitter, Pinterest…


Ah yes - I used to of a #folksyfriday blog with half a dozen of my favourite things from that week! Lots of us did and then promoted it :slight_smile: I just got nostalgic looking back through my blog! It seems I used to do Smiley Sundays too! Do people even still blog? Good to see lots of the people on it are still here from 2011!

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Hi! I remember using the #FolksyFriday tag and also #Feeling Folksy as well! Maybe we should start using them again and hopefully people will join in?

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I still blog… occassionally :slight_smile: so I’m doing a #folksy friday post for tomorrow x

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