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What's up with the Gift Guides?

(Christine E.) #1

Went to my shop activity and found that several of my items had been selected for the “Gifts under £25”, which would be great had they not all been sold out (some a long time ago) and when I looked at the section, are actually not there! I do genuinely have something in the “Gifts under £5” so I’m pleased about that, but otherwise I don’t really know what’s going on and feel a bit disappointed. There are actually a lot of things under £25 in my shop that haven’t been sold…

(Melanie Commins) #2

I’ve had a lot of notifications for things being added in the last few days. Some of which I’m sure were already in the gift guides mentioned … so maybe it’s retroactive? That would explain why some of your sold items seemed to have been added.

(Christine E.) #3

That could be it, Melanie, although it would be going back some time. I’ve experimented by relisting something that sold yesterday (I’ll have to make another quickly!) and that appeared in the gift guide. Perhaps if I edit and relist the old items, they might reappear as well!

(Camilla) #4

That’s weird Christine. Can you give me some examples of things that have been added recently but are sold out items and I’ll have a look into it?

(Christine E.) #5

These things were apparently added to “Gifts under £25” about 20 hours ago, Camilla