Folksy Ltd

Whats your favourite item in your own shop?

(Sue) #41

Today, this, I’ve always loved pomegranates, it was only a matter of time before I got round to making one!

(Claire Mead) #42

These are my favourite, I love this fabric and they smell gorgeous x

(debbselliman) #43

I love making these crowns!
…I got a lovely review the other day for one over on the “other side” …the buyer will use the crown as part of her Morris dancing outfit :smiley:

(jessicagoulty) #44

This new range were so much fun to make although the technique is not easy. This one is probably my current favourite…until I list some more that is!

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #45

Mine is the cream and black handembroidered bunny ornament. Such a delight to make! Yvonne :slight_smile: x

(sandranesbitt) #46

just loving the hat that i made for this knitting kit

(Lynn Britton) #47

At the moment this is my favourite

(Helen Healey) #48

At the moment I think it’s this bag. It’s a fairly recent design (I’ve made 3 so far) and I think the turquoise colour of this one shows off the bee wings quite well. The colour is lovely - a lot more turquoise and less blue than it looks in the picture (I always have trouble photographing turquoise - it always comes out blue!)


At the moment it is this!!!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #50

I’ve sold my old favourite hottie, so now my favourite is the pink peony, love it!:kissing_heart:

(Helen Clifford) #51

Today my favourite is…

(Suzzie Godfrey) #52

Its back!
My favourite rambling rose hottie is now back in my shop,

(Blackthorpe) #53

My favourite Christmas fabric is Tartan, so this has to be my seasonal fav.

(Lynn Britton) #54

This is my favourite, I have a feeling that it’s going to be an addition to my tote bag collection.

(Helen Clifford) #55

My current favourite -

(Christine E.) #56

I’m proud of everything in my shop, but this is my “Why doesn’t this sell? What’s WRONG with people?” item :smile:

(Roxanne Levy) #57

My latest card is of a grey seal. My favourite

(Jan Ryan) #58

My fave at the moment is this peg doll xx :beetle:

(Julia Laing) #59

My favourite is this big eared elephant. He was so much fun to make.

(Carrie ) #60

Haha! I think that about ALL my stuff - “What do mean you need to buy food and keep a roof over your children’s heads!? - you should be buying my very beautiful rolling-pin instead!” :rofl: