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What's your most annoying feedback?

I only just noticed this, posted months ago…Beautiful pendant but far too big to ever wear:(
She marked it positive, but why even mention it was too big let alone leave a frowning face!? It was exactly as described and I, as well as many others, are happy to wear a pendant that size!
If it was the cord that was too big, I would have happily shortened it for her, but noooooo! She has to be negative on my public feedback! Grrrr! Have you had any annoying feedback?..

Oh dear you would have thought if she felt it didn’t sit right for her rather than leave strange feed back and keep it she would have asked you if she could return it for a refund or exchange.

I’ve had strange feed back on two occasions on ebay.

One a lady said most annoyed I had to pay for these button my 12year ordered.

Clearly someone who didn’t keep an eye on what her child was doing on the internet and blamed me for not knowing her daughter had used her account. Of course had she contacted me I would have cancelled the sale.

Some people do seem to be a bit dim! I tend to expect it a bit more from eBay, though. I emailed the customer this morning and offered to shorten the cord for her, if that was the problem. I expect she’ll be surprised to hear from me as the order was in March!

It’s strange, I always find I have the worst feed back for the people that I’ve tried to go the extra mile to help. (The feed back isn’t bad - just 4 stars instead of 5, or a short ‘thanks’ with no mention of the free customizations I did) :{
I don’t mind really, just funny how it goes like that :smile_cat:

Yes, I’m always surprised when I don’t get any feedback from people I’ve been particularly helpful to, like customising an item. I think I’d prefer no feedback to the double-edged one I mentioned, though! :slight_smile:

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I think that may be because their expectations are different to yours. It’s the same with commissions, which is why I don’t really like them, because its very difficult to interpret someone else’s thoughts, even if they try to express them as articulately as they can. If you’ve ‘had’ to go the extra mile, it suggests to me that person either had a very very fixed idea of what they wanted, in which case good luck because I suspect nothing would ever turn out exactly as they wanted, or they are just plain fussy, and maybe nothing would ever be good enough (!!). But that is just the joys and challenges of hand made and personalised items!! :smiley:

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Especially when all the details and sizes are listed :{ I want to try and do more jewellery photo of people wearing my items…just need a free model!


I think most things could be resolved without the need for hasty negative feedback on any selling platform. We want the customer to be happy with what they’ve purchased from us and I know we would all go that extra mile as we take great pride in what we hand craft.
I don’t understand why a customer wouldnt contact us with their problem first so we could deal with it, rather than leave anything negative.
It could really hurt our business :frowning:
So far all of my feedback has been lovely, and a real confidence boost. I do always worry about someone not liking the item when they receive it but I am abit of a worry wort lol.
I would be quite upset to lose the 100% so fingers crossed it never happens.



Can Folksy take off any negative feedback, i.e. where a customer has chosen positive but left an unfair comment. I know this is sometimes done on eb.y, if the feedback doesn’t match the marks given. Marg. x

I hate “ok” what does that mean? Do they not like their soap? If not, why not say what the problem is?

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