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Do you leave feedback for your buyers?

(Christine E.) #1

I only do if they leave me feedback, but I was quite put out recently when I bought something from here, left glowing feedback and got nothing in return!

(Trevor Harvey) #2

I always leave feedback and so far I’ve been lucky on here that everyone has returned the honour… Etsy is the worst place for that - feedback is few and far between and it’s painful not to just get some sort of acknowledgement of your effort… Think we get a better class of customer on here… :wink:

(Brenda Cumming) #3

I always leave feedback…good customer relations…

(Marg) #4

I always leave feedback, both here on ebay, it lets the buyer know you have appreciated their purchase and is good manners. Although I do forget sometimes and have to catch up. Marg. x

(Diane Burton) #5

I always leave feedback for people I’ve bought from, but I haven’t got feedback from everyone I’ve sold to. I must admit I don’t leave feedback on all the big websites I buy from especially if it’s for something basic like glue or card and definitely don’t leave feedback if I keep getting emails requesting it.

(Edwina Kinch) #6

I know what you mean Christine, I have had the same experience. I always leave feedback, both as a buyer and seller on here. But, I don’t always have it returned. Sometimes I don’t do it straight away and then I have a marathon session and clear everything!

However, I refuse to most other places especially eBay. I buy so many supplies from eBay that I’d be spending all my time leaving feedback!

(Stephanie Guy) #7

I always leave feedback for my buyers as soon as they have paid, wherever they have bought from. I think feedback is really important for both buyers and sellers. If I wait for them to leave feedback and meanwhile they’re waiting for me to leave feedback it’s a never ending game.

Years ago I used to trust no-one; now I trust everyone (within reason, clearly) and find that I’m much happier for it.

(Christine E.) #8

I always figure that if a buyer doesn’t leave me feedback they don’t care one way or the other and probably would never look to see if I’d done it. Perhaps I should have a look through my sold items and leave it just in case. But I’m really quite hurt that this seller hasn’t bothered to give me feedback especially as I’m a fellow seller, and I don’t feel like buying from her again. Petty?..definitely!

(Linda Wild) #9

I always leave feedback and find that customers are more likely to leave you feedback that way. Not everyone does though - even other sellers sometimes. Of course guest buyers can’t leave feedback anyway.


(Deborah Jones) #10

I rarely remember to look and see if I have been left feedback, as with the guest buyer thing it has become such a rarity - and not obvious unless you go looking. I do leave feedback to buyers … eventually. I have just looked and had about 30 to do :o
I struggle to leave feedback for purchases that I am less than happy with. On Ebay I wouldn’t think twice about telling them about it, but on here it seems a bit personal.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

If I buy off a fellow seller I leave feedback. I always leave feedback where I can. I can’t of course for guest buyers but I do send them a thank you/confirmation with shipping date via email for Guest Buyers.

(Amanda Robins) #12

I don’t leave feedback for my buyers. What does it achieve? I always leave feedback when I buy though.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

It’s a good business practice to leave your customers feedback. It’s a thank you I appreciate your custom.

I’d be a bit upset as a customer if my seller didn’t leave me feedback. I would think they’re not that interested in me as a customer they just want my money.

(Amanda Robins) #14

Do customers know that a seller has left feedback? It seems that most of them don’t leave feedback themselves so they probably aren’t aware of that facility.

(Jane Whalley) #15

I always leave feedback, as like Eileen, I feel its good business practice as well as being a nice thing to do, and it completes the sale etc. Its a shame the guest buyers cant leave feedback, as recently a guest buyer wanted to leave me positive feedback but couldn’t.

I try to keep my feedback page up to date as well, but this is not always possible.

Jane x

(Karen Ellam) #16

I always leave feedback as a buyer and seller. :grinning:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #17

If your customers are mainly Guest buyers then they will not be able to leave feedback.

Only customers who have an account with Folksy are able to leave feedback.

I’ve had emails from Guest buyers who wanted to leave me feedback. Infact one lovely customer not only emailed me feedback they left me a link to their facebook page where they’d showed off my item and gave me a bit of promotion.

(Gerda Austin) #18

I also always leave feedback as a seller /buyer , which I think is the right thing to do ! I think it’s a shame Guest buyers can’t leave feedback , but I do sometimes get an emailed feedback - which is lovely because it’s so unexpected !

Gerda x

(Ali Dufty) #19

I always leave positive feedback where possible on Folksy -when buying or selling . If you’ve had a super transaction , shout about it ! As a buyer , I’ve experienced a couple of unsatisfactory purchases , and admit I’ve stayed quiet rather than leave negative vibes !!! so I do like to make a point of checking out a shops feedback now .

I often feel frustrated that as a large proportion ( probably the majority!) of my own customers are ‘guest’ buyers ( who can’t leave feedback ) ,therefore feedback stats don’t grow very quickly ! boo hoo !! These customers very often e-mail me with such lovely comments though , a few kind , written words can have a very positive effect !!
I’d like to think I offer a service like that I’d wish to receive myself . Happy customer , happy me :smile:

( Carol ) #20

I always leave feedback as a buyer and used to as a seller but since most people don’t bother, as a seller I now only leave feedback once it is received.