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Where do you store your supplies?

mine are mainly overall the house in boxes however we are one step closure to having everything in the correct place.

Remember the large window seat /cupboard my hubbie is making for me well this is how it looks today still not quite finished but I’m already over the moon with it.

This is the far end where the controls for the underfloor water heating pipes live

One this is finished the plaster board for the finale brick wall you can see will go up and be painted. Then the floor covering will go down. Once all that’s done then I can set it all up properly and all my supplies and finished items will be hidden away.

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It’s looking good so far Eileen.

Thank Helen

Hubbie says 2 more coats of wood stain and it will be the same colour has the window ledges he made in the conservatory. The doors are all ready to go on.

This has been a dreadfully long job what with taking down the unsafe part of the house, digging extra foundations, building the conservatory to get to the stage we can finally get it sorted properly and use it as my craftroom and a conservatory at the same time. Where all crafting will be well hidden with most things in there having dual usage so you don’t know it’s my craft room unless you come in when I’m working in it :smile:

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Currently all packed up and ready to move - I will miss my conservatory workroom but I’m sure I’ll find a little corner in my new abode - I’m starting with a blank canvas so very exciting.


Lots of my supplies are quite small which is a godsend as my house is only tiny.
No little craft room here unfortunately.

However it’s a lot better than it was. We recently decorated the living room and I’ve now got a whole corner…yes corner of the living room all for me. :smile:

I treated myself to this gorgeous oak cupboard for all of my bits and bobs.
It’s a lot more crammed now :wink:

I had a dining table/craft desk too which I love as it extends.

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