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Closing my shop for a few weeks

Well, I mean I have put all my stock into the “hidden” section. I am moving house shortly so my stock and craft items are being packed away in preparation.

Hi Marg

Good luck with the house move :grinning: :house:


Hope it all goes smoothly (and that your new environment provides lots of creative inspiration) :smiley:

All the best with the big move. I hope it all goes very smoothly for you and you settle in very quickly :slight_smile:

Good luck with the move!! I’m moving house on Monday too!! Haha

Good luck, hope the move goes well, hope your’s goes smoothly too @curiousseagull :slight_smile:

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In that case, I’ll share the same comments with you too!

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The best of my move is that I will have a spare bedroom which I can turn into a work room instead of working on my kitchen table. Thanks all for your good wishes.
Good luck Susannah with your move, mine’s going to be mid November I think.


Awesome! I get a brand new studio as part of my new house too- I have one in my current house but it’s in the basement ad isn’t the most inspirational place to work. So I know how you feel- you must be very excited! (I know I am!!) good luck with it!! :blush::blush:

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Good luck @memicrafts and @curiousseagull with your house moves.

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