Folksy Ltd

Where have all the icons gone?

(Quillextra) #1

This may be a dim question but didn’t the reply boxes have a top row of icons ?
Thanks in advance.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

I can still see them :slight_smile:

(Diane Burton) #3

Me too :smiley:

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Yep mine are still there too

(Quillextra) #5

A couple of days ago I asked the above question, thank you to the 3 people who replied. I asked Folksy the same question. They offered 2 options, one was to make sure Chrome was up to date and the other one was too technical for me however, they did offer to help further if required. Luckily trying Chrome worked. I seem to recall some time ago someone was having trouble uploading a listing to Craftjuice from an IPad (which is what I use) and Chrome worked in that instance. I should have tried that first, anyway all’s well etc.