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Where to buy inexpensive small/medium parcel boxes

Hi. Does anyone have a supplier that they use to buy small/medium parcel boxes. Maybe a small joblot. Have looked on eBay but not sure where to start as lots of choice. so would prefer May be someone recommended if possible.

Thank you

Depending on your quantity try online with rajapack, or Davpack .

Globe Packaging are ‘Okay’ they have a eBay presence.

Depending where you are a local packaging merchant may help.

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Get mine from easipak on eBay. They do lots of different sizes and are quick to deliver.

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For medium sized boxes I tend to reuse the Amazon boxes that seem to arrive all too frequently to my porch!
These are usually sturdy, free and environmentally friendly, and can be covered with brown paper to hide labelling.
However, I tend to prefer poly mailers, bubblewrap and rigid board envelopes as boxes can be deceptively heavy, pushing items up to the next price bracket.

Sarah x


I get lots of boxes and bubble wrap given to me by friends and family but also use shoe boxes which a stall in our local market is happy to see reused. I cover all my parcels with brown paper from Poundland.


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I get my boxes etc. from eBay, I have ordered from stg_trading and star-supplies, they always deliver really quickly and the prices are pretty good.
I also re-cycle bubble wrap and boxes where possible.

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Thank you all for your help!I appreciate it.