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Which background do you like the best?

Following on from last night’s #folksyhour I bought some new pieces of card today to play around with my backgrounds. I’d be very grateful to know which of these you like best?

Thank you!

No 8 - it highlights the image well.

I like 5 and 6. I think 5 really draws your eye to the dog but as a neutral I really like 6. I don’t like 10!!

I agree, number 8 looks great!

I think either Number 1 or Number 8

Can’t decide but I think number 8 doesn’t distract from the painting your trying to sell - both are well lit

3 and 4 as they complement the image without detracting from it. :relaxed:

10 does make the colours pop though!

I like 8 where the background colours are softer and merge into one another, less distracting and I really don’t like 10.

8 and 9 are both nice.

Number 3 or number 8 :0)

Number 3 & 8 for me too :blush:

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I like the warm colours in no.1 though the line is not horizontal. No. 6 also picks up the tones of the picture well.

I like the grey in No. 5 :slight_smile:

No. 8 for me, it helps the picture to stand out - no. 9 would be my second choice. Elaine

i like 6 and 8

Thank you SO much! Number 8 is a clear winner so far (with 9 likes), followed by numbers 3 and 6 (with 3 likes each).

Looks like my wooden background has to go, can’t have anything that some people actively dislike :slight_smile:

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3 & 8 for me Stephanie! :slight_smile:

Think I agree that 8 is prob the best.

i like the subtle fade in 9…