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New to folksy

(Faywoodcrafts) #1

Hi. faywood

(Teresa Connolly) #2

Hi faywood welcome. You could post in the Introduce Yourself topic. Also you should go to preferences edit your profile add your folksy shop URL so it is clickable from the forum straight to your shop.


(Brenda Cumming) #3

Hi Faywood

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Hi Faywood, if you log right out and then back in again, a link to your shop should appear next to your name. I was going to have a look round your shop but the link isn’t there. Good luck!

(Faywoodcrafts) #5

Thank you so kind of you to answer. Only just starting my shop so your not able to few it just yet. I have a feeling I’ll need lost of help! Regards Joann a. Faywoodcrafts

(Faywoodcrafts) #6

Only just starting out! So much to do and read.thank you for your warm welcome. Will be at it like the rest of you when I get my act together! Joanna faywoodcrafts

(Faywoodcrafts) #7

Only just setting it up and I am rather slow! Thank you for your can few some of my work on Faywoodcrafts

(Kylie Tilley) #8

Welcome to Folksy x

(Louise Flude ) #9

Hello and welcome faywood.

(Faywoodcrafts) #10

What a nightmare! trying to get started with my shop don’t seem to get very far.dont think I will bother.they don’t make it very easy.what a shame.faywoodcrafts

(Margaret Jackson) #11

What kind of problems are you having Fay? Maybe someone here can help you?

(Faywoodcrafts) #12

Hi Louisa
I managed to sort it in the end thank goodness! Just need to do a bit more reading
Before I start my shop. Thank you for your time. Faywoodcrafts