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Which Social Media platforms are the most useful for promotions now?

I’ve finally upgraded to a half decent phone that can actually take photos that are in focus!
I’ve been using Facebook pretty successfully for the last few years. I also joined Instagram but my photos were too poor, so I gave up on that.
I use twitter too but somehow my Folksy/ Facebook links no longer show photos on my Twitter and I don’t know how to fix the links.

Anyway - it;s been a while since I’ve done any research on this so I was wondering if I need to join snapchat too or has social media moved on from that already?

Which platforms do you find successful and are you using anything new that I need to know about? lol x

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah,

I use Instagram, Twitter and facebook and I find that I get sales via all three. Instagram is my favourite probably because it’s more pic’s that words, you can upload photo’s from a camera to use on there also, It’s also a very friendly community on there.

I’ve never used snapchat, my daughter and her friends use it all the time, so it’s probably a good way to go but as yet I haven’t got round to trying it. I would also love to know how other people find it or as you say anything else new on the horizon.

I’ve found and followed you on Twitter, what name are you under Instagram?

Tina :slight_smile:

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Hi Sarah,

Sorry to jump in on this thread, but you mentioned being able to upload photos from your camera for Instagram. I have got an account on there but never used it because I thought you could only upload from your phone and would use it if I could put photos on from my camera.

Sorry meant Tina @DaisyWings

Hi Dawn,

I’ll tell you what I’ve found I can do.

If I want to share a shop photo on Instagram, I find the photo from my shop on my phone, touch and hold on the pic until it gives me the option to ‘save to your device’, then it save’s it to your photo gallery on your phone and you can then share it to Instagram from there from clicking on the photo and again touching and holding until it gives you the option to share to various options.

If I want to share a photo from my computer I do that via my gmail account. I upload my photo from the computer to my photo’s on gmail, then I can find my gmail photo’s on my phone and I can share them to instagram from there.

I also know that you can by a cable to upload photo’s from the computer on to you phone, my son lent me a cable, then I lost it so never got around to trying it.

Well, I hope that’s makes some sense :dizzy_face: and a bit clearer than mud. Have a play and see how if goes.

Hopefully there’ll be someone else with other ways to do it and more tips.

Tina :slight_smile:


Thanks Tina, I’ll have a go at that. It’s just that I always take photos for my shop with my camera, I am not good at taking photos with my phone. I have a gmail account so I’m going to have a fiddle and see what I can do. Thanks so much for your help.

Yes, I prefer using my camera, I can take much better photo’s with it. Hope
it work’s out ok

Tina :slight_smile:

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I use flickr, pinterest and

Ello is an international arts promotion website, which doesn’t show adverts or sell your details on (unlike fb et al). Some nice, friendly folks on there.

Oh yes, forgot that I’m also on Pinterest, thanks for the reminder Julia @FireHorseTextiles (I wonder what else I’ve forgotton :smile:)
I haven’t heard of shall have to take a look.

lol, I suspect I’ve still got a MySpace account out there somewhere :laughing:

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Thanks everyone - I tried to log in to instagram last night but I couldn’t remember my username or password!! I thought it was Dottery Pottery - so I’ll either have to set up a new account or wrack my brains!

I’ll take a look at ello too.

I’ll have a go at fixing my Twitter too.

I’ve had this phone a few days and I still can’t quite get to grips with it - thought I was taking a photo this morning and it was a video - lol!

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I have an Ello account but have never used it. Do you get any sales from there @FireHorseTextiles

I’m not sure that I do, Pauline, but I was once interviewed on there for ‘Quilter of the week’ and the article had over 3,000 views! There are sub groups on the site for ‘makers’ ‘photographers’ etc, so you can follow and join those groups to get more coverage.

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I’ll take another look at it then to see if I can benefit from it, thank you @FireHorseTextiles

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If it helps with your research the biggest driver of sales for British Crafters is definitely Twitter. I use Buffer as a scheduler so that it tweets proper size photos from Folksy shops. It also gives you analytics so you can see which time is best for converting your tweet to a shop visit and/or a sale x

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Unlink your Facebook / Twitter feed within Facebook and do it a couple of times. Think mine is working again at the moment after doing that. xx

I use facebook and Twitter mostly. They drive the sales and get my stuff seen by media. I’ve found Facebook much harder to use effectively for promoting this year, the interface is terrible and audience targeting is a bit of a lottery. I also use instagram but it doesn’t seem to build sales and I have a relatively small following compared with Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest is something I’ve tried out but never got anywhere with. I don’t really get it - if anyone has any tips on using Pinterest please do share them!

Hi @thedotterypotter It’s easy if you forget your password on Instagram (I forgot mine when I was on holiday), just click forgot password and they’ll email you a link to get you straight back on with no faff involved, or click ‘log in with Facebook’ and that’ll work too.


I have Instagram which is my favourite and the one I use the most. I could spend hours just looking at what other people are making! Everyone on there is so friendly as well. I also have Facebook but I find it really annoying, it’s constantly telling me to spend money to boost my posts and the few I’ve paid for haven’t given any decent results. I’ve recently opened a Twitter account as well but I’m not sure I know how to write good posts on there, there’s soooo much content and it’s very fast-moving. However I am new to selling my stuff so can’t yet say if any of those will help me sell in any way…

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