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White Marker pens- is there such a thing?

Hello, Im looking to replicate some of my new inky images onto shrink plastic.
I use clear plastic- and a black marker. Now, on my inked drawings I use white gel pen to add in details over the black. For the shrink plastic, I’d need to draw the white first so need a white marker fen.
The only shop I have near me that sells that sort of stuff is ‘The Range’- does anyone know if there’s such a thing as a white marker- that draws as well as a black marker?

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I use white Posca Pens, Lowri. They work a treat. I’ve used them on glass and metal so I’m guessing they’ll work on shrink plastic too. :slightly_smiling:


Ah, Thank you. I’ll have a look to see if The Range stock them tomorrow :slight_smile:
The thought of a white pen is oddly exciting.

There are also the “liquid chalk” pens that seem to work quite well on most surfaces although they are not permanent.

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The posca pens are available on dear old amazon in a range of thicknesses and apparently work on plastic. They are a water based pigment (according to the manufacturers write up on amazon) so a solvent based black marker would probably be best so that you don’t dissolve and smudge the white when you go over it.

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Like Camilla said - POSCAS ARE THE BEST! generic ‘chalk markers’ will also work, but can often be a bit watery and less pigmented. Poscas are fab. Similarly, there are other paint markers created by spray paint companies - eg. Molotow do their own paint marker which we’ve used to a reasonably good effect too. They’re permanent and work on any surface, so should be fine on shrinkles. That said, have you tried white pencil crayon on the rough side of the plastic? That can look bright and is a lot cheaper too? Poscas are definitely available at The Range and Hobbycraft, but cheaper online. Here’s a shop window we made using Poscas (amongst other things!)…


Yeah I have a few cant remember the make, but it’s a fine liner and I got it from Rymans X

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Thank you everyone for the advice.
I’ve found that WHSmith sell the Posca ones so I’ll check in store tomorrow to see if they have any.

That window is amazing @frillyindustries. Gorgeous :slight_smile: <3

Thanks again everyone.

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i was in the range the other day and i am sure i saw the posca pens there.

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Any good craft shop should have different kinds of white pens i.e. gel, marker or metallic.

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Thanks for this thread! I am definitely getting some Posca pens because they will be perfect for pen and ink drawings on black paper. I want to do one of my Mum’s black lab and these will be ideal for the highlights. :grin:

Love Sam x

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Ok- I couldn’t find any of the Posca pens with a thin nib in any of the shops but I have found one on ebay so I’ll get one there :slightly_smiling:
I did buy a chunky one from The Range to have a fiddle with and it will deffo’ create the effect I want on shrink plastic once I get one with a thin nib :slightly_smiling:

Here’s some little quick pieces I created using the pen tonight- The pen really shows up well on black- I used it fort he stars in the background and to outline the painted moon heads. So you should have fun with them @SamanthaStanley :slight_smile: You could also use white gel pens? I use those on ink too- I used the gel pens to create tails on some of the stars.


Yeah, that shows up really well, and looks like pen strokes which is a really useful thing.

Thanks again!

Love Sam x

I LOVE my poscas, I have the 0.7mm nibs which I bought on amazon direct from Japan. They took a few weeks to arrive but are genuine and I got 12 for around £12!

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I bought one 0.7mm nibbled one for £2.50ish on eBay :slight_smile: but £1each is a bargain!

Yes there is such a thing as a white marker pen. I have seen them in my local craft shop - Colemans. You can also buy Posca white marker pens on Ebay.

OMG the shop window is amazing !! Was it drawn on paper (or something similar) and attached to the glass or drawn straight onto the glass. I wish I could draw :frowning:

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[trade secret alert!! :wink: ] - we drew straight onto glass, however we started with our own drawings on acetate - then we took our overhead projector and projected onto the glass - having first blocked out the other side with giant sheets of paper so we could see what we were doing and now blind any passers by! :slight_smile:

I quite fancy having a go at that… I wonder if I could find a shop that would be willing to let me draw all over their window :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling: