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White pens

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions as

I bought a white pen in order to use on dark backgrounds in fact I’ve ordered a few from different makers to see which works best.

The first one arrived this morning an STA Metallic color pen yet it’s USA company thus the incorrect spelling.

I’ve been trying it out this morning and although it gives a muted white over a dark background it’s not clear and you can’t see what you are writing until it dries.

It has a sort of nib you get on a felt tip pen.

I’m awaiting another one with this type of nib from another brand in order to compare.

I’m also awaiting ones that state they are gel white pens.

Does anyone here use white pens in their artwork either onto painted or colour paper/craft surfaces and which ones tend to work the best.?

This old thread might be of use to you

Lowri @twinkleandgloomart how did you get on with the white pens?

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Hi Eileen, I use the Inkessentials (Tim Holtz) white gel pen, this works fairly well.
Cult pens do a few,

Thanks ladies I’ll bookmark those for later :smile:

Hi Eileen , Rymans have a good range , I’ve got a few all work well on Kraft card.
Rymans sell the Edding make in white. I’ll check the other ones I have to see what make those are Steph xx

excellent will have a look in there at the weekend. :smile:

Eddings are good but I find, being ink based, that bleeding can be an issue

I use Uni Posca paint markers. The colours are vibrant, bright and last (surface dependant) They have a range of markers with nibs from extra fins to chisel tipped monsters!

I have also used Kobra paint markers - Very opaque and hard wearing acrylic paint.
I get mine here

If you want an ink base then Posterman ZIG are a good option. I haven’t used these for a while though, I remember saturation being an issue but that could have been me ( I did have good results on Canvas though).

IMO I would look around and buy a few different brands and types and find out what works best for you.

Also I have always had a good service when buying form CultPens I cannot recommend them enough.

I’ve tried a few different ones and have found the Posca white pen to be the best, it works on every surface that I’ve tried. I use the 0.7mm extra fine one.

I got on really well with them, the Posca ones.
I use a thin one for my Shrink plastic work and get good results. I love them so much I use them to add little details in my Artwork too.

I haven’t really tried using them on paper though. I use them on painted surfaces or on Shrink plastic so I don’t know how much they absorb into porous surfaces, although they seem to be getting good reviews from other users. :slight_smile:

yes this is the thing I want to use them straight on to paper/card and also on paper/card I’ve painted onto with acrylic paint onto or just watercolours on or used colour pencils on.

Posca will be ideal for you.

On black acrylic I got this result with both gel pens and Posca markers:

And on water colours I did manage to get his result (the white dots/jumper scrawls)

I could have a go on paper/card tomorrow and scan it to see. I think I have some scrap brown kraft envelopes I could try.

looks fine like what I’ve managed to day with the pen I tried out.

Can I ask did you see the white straight away or did you have to wait for it to dry before the white was visible?

Only mine wasn’t visible as I was out lining or writing until it started to dry.

I didn’t have to wait, it came out as it was going to look dry. :slight_smile:

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excellent, thanks for that it’s extremely useful information :smile:

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I have been following this post and have just ordered a “posca” pen,will let you know how i get on with it…dawn

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Rymans do a very effective white rollerball pen for £2 but its thin nibbed

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