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add your Folksy shop link and use good hashtags :wink:

(Andy Twist) #183

I need lessons in social media. I’m struggling badly to get the hang of it

(Kim Onyskiw) #184

Don’t list everything straight away and then have nothing to post for ages, I find it’s best to spread out posts, so if I have 10 photos I want to put on instagram, I’d probably evenly spread them out over a couple of weeks.
I think it gives more chance of different people seeing your photos (rather than them all clumped together in results), and if someone I followed posted 10 separate photos in 1 day I’d get tempted to stop following them because it makes it feel very repetitive when they post so much.

I agree with @CraftedByEcho too, make sure you use a few hashtags on your photos because that’s what people search by on instagram.

(Andy Twist) #185

Thanks for the advice I will give it a go soon.

(Andy Twist) #186

Well I got there in the end. andytwist11 Twisted Turner. Managed a couple of listings, you we love my mad cat. Thanks again for the help

(David Perry) #187

If you prefer to use your pc for photos, there is a free website i use called LATER. the free account lets you list 30 photos a month (ie perhaps one a day). Best bit is that you could upload all 30 in one go and then schedule each one in per day…it then lists them every day at whatever time you choose for the next 30 days! saves doing things daily!

(Andy Twist) #188

Will have to have a look at that, thanks


Don’t forget you’ll get more views with hashtags like #woodworking #woodturning #handmade #woodcarver #wood . The hashtag must be all one word with no space #seewhatIdidthere You can use up to 30 different hashtags on insta. xo

(Andy Twist) #190

Thanks, I’m on a big learning curve with this at the moment. I am also learning that the Folksy members are really helpful.

(CatherineDove) #191

Social Media is about trying to give personality to your business as well as advertising, so try to keep your posts personable and interesting. I found your WIP posts very interesting on the other forum posts so perhaps you could do a post like that one day- maybe a Sunday morning when everyone’s having a restful morning? Be aware that most platforms are geared for milking advertising revenue from you so don’t be dismayed if you don’t get massive audience reach to start with. I’ve been recommended British Crafters on here as a good way of advertising and have paid for a month on their lower setting from February (i’m hopeful but we’ll see!). Folksy have lots of good blog posts on social media (including hashtags) so they’re worth a check. One thing I would counsel: each platform is different so don’t e.g. use IG to generate your Facebook and Twitter content as they won’t look as good (twitter has far less characters for instance). IG is also particularly annoying in that it won’t let you add clickable links to posts unless you pay. Some people use linktree to have several links from their bio in the single link they give you, although I found it a bit crap. I’ve added a hidden page on my website to house all my links instead and use this for all my social media pages. You can add one off links here too (e.g. I am creating a Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and might drop a link on it).

Hope this is helpful!

(Andy Twist) #192

Yes very helpful, I need to figure out how to attach a link

(CatherineDove) #193

In your bio, you can add one link - this is where I link to my special webpage with all my own web links on (mine’s You can’t do it in posts unless you pay, so I usually say something like “link in bio”.

(David Perry) #194

Very good idea Catherine on the web links page :slight_smile:

(CatherineDove) #195

I’m sure I saw Folksy suggest it somewhere! It’s far better than linktree, who would make you pay just to add images in!

(Debby Coatham) #196

I’m on Instagram, :blush: still learning though and have no idea how to do a story or anything much really but I can post pics and Ilm even using some hashtags…nice to see so many of you on there :blush:

(Jackie Barton) #197

Hi Debby, thanks for joining us on here. I love your bears and your pincushions especially. :bear::heart_eyes:

(Debby Coatham) #198

Hi Jackie, thank you, your shop is lovely also :blush: x

(LemonandGinger) #199

I am on Instagram

(Shine On) #200

Just followed you :slightly_smiling_face: gorgeous work

(Shine On) #201

Thank you! Apologies for the incredibly late response, not quite got to grips with the the formating of Folksy forum :joy: