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(ArtilyEverCrafter) #222

I have found that I am unable to edit, and when I looked into this it said it was specific to PC/mac use and that editing could only be done via the i phone.
I will probably try and get something sorted with the phone I was given, but it seems to be working okay on the PC for now.
Still trying to get the hang of social media, only really started using it since I signed up to Folksy last September.
Any tips would be really appreciated.
Also wondered if anyone can tell me how to link my Instagram account to my Folksy shop.
Maria :slight_smile:

(Kim Onyskiw) #223

You seem to have your Folksy page pointing to your Instagram and your Instagram page pointing to your Folksy, so I think you’re all set :slight_smile:
One tip is you can’t use spaces in hashtags, so if you want to say “abstract art” or “sea life”, you need to write it as #abstractart and #sealife. Makes it a bit harder to read, but otherwise the computer only sees #abstract and #sea.

(Jackie Barton) #224

Hi Kim, yes, only get the option to downsize the picture once, but as that’s all I’ve been able to do since the beginning I edit my photos on ‘Photos’ on my mac first. One day I’ll get a proper smartphone (if they ever drop the prices!) :wink:

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #225

Hi Kim,
Yes, I tried a few things out late last night and thought I had set it up okay, but wasn’t sure. I read through the forums again yesterday and saw that someone else had said not to have spaces between words when using hashtags, I can’t edit it now but I will remember for future posts.
Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: I will get some more posts on there, and will start following others.
It seems a lot of people on this post are following one another which is really useful and also supportive, I wasn’t sure if I need to ask people first or just look them up and click follow. I guess I’ll see how things go!

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #226

Hello again,
Hope everyone is well! :smile:
I just wanted to leave my Instagram address, in case any one is interested, or even still there?
Noticed no one had posted lately! :frowning:
Only have a few posts on at the moment, don’t want to list everything at once and I am still getting used to it. You can find me at
I will be adding some more people to follow soon.

(Andy Twist) #227

Great shop, now following you.

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #228

Hi Andy, :smile:
Thanks, am following you also.
I always loved wood turning. My dad used to have a workshop and was always making bits and pieces as a hobby, our house was always filled with twisted sticks, bowls and candle holders! Really like your pics on Instagram, it’s always good to see a work in progress, especially with something like wood turning.

(Andy Twist) #229

Thanks very much

(Tina Martin) #230

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve popped back to this thread to find more folksy shops on Insta, I’ve found and followed @ArtilyEverCrafter @twistedturner @FVbagsaccessories @OneDayinMay @thesparklyfairy @IamMeStore @LemonandGinger good to see all your great work everyone. :slight_smile:

Hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Thanks for this thread @DaBeezNeez such a great way to meet other folksy people on Instagram.

(CrochetCubs) #231

Hi everyone, I’ve recently joined Instagram :smiley:

(Charlotte Trimm) #232

I’m on instagram it’s one of my favourite platforms although I still find most of my sales come through Facebook, I get more likes and interaction on insta posts of exactly the same images. I’ve been on there for a good few years so I would just say try to hashtag as much as you can but make them relevant (you get 25 per post), you can search and see how many others have used a tag so it’s good to try and use same/similar to others so you’ll be seen in searches. Photo challenges are always fun too, can make you part of a bigger community and give you some direction for posts if you are a bit unsure. Joanna Hawkers March Meet the Maker is coming up soon, Sarah Coey is running a Rainbow Revolution hashtag this week so keep an eye out for them.
Just have fun with it too, my insta is in no way styled, edited or planned even though that looks great for some, I just can’t seem to curate my feed in that way, but it’s grown and works for me and I’d rather enjoy what I’m posting that worrying ‘oh does this fit with the last post’ and if there’s a random photo of my life behind the scenes if that’s going to put someone off you can be a person as well as a brand/work. Although I do have a separate personal account too for my real life in full so my business account isn’t over taken by that you do have to balance the two.
Here’s mine if anyone want a look and follow me:

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #233

Hi Tina,
Thanks for that. I already added you to my following list.
This thread is a really great way to connect with people through social media.
Big thank you to Jackie for creating this post @DaBeezNeez :smile:

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #234

Hi Charlotte,
Just read your post and followed you on Instagram. You have lovely work, so bright and colourful! :smile:

(SeasideRocks) #235

Hi Jackie. I’m fairly new to all this and a bit of a luddite too… anyway, here’s my insta: @seaside_rocks much prefer insta to FB! Brilliantly helpful thing you’re doing! I’ve just started pinterest too…another platform for exposure!

(Jackie Barton) #236

Hi Sarah, Thanks for joining in with your insta address. I’ve liked you on insta and on Folksy. I really like your butterflies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Jackie Barton) #237

Hi Andy, I’ve found you on your shop and had a nose at your insta posts and followed you. Your wooden creations are amazing. Wood is such a warm and tactile medium, very beautiful.

(Jackie Barton) #238

Hi David, following you on insta & Folksy now. I’ve just had a quick peek at ‘Later’ and it looks really good. Have you thought of posting a link and small explanation onto the Folksy Dashboard on FB. I’m sure loads of people would be really interested to see and use it.

(Jackie Barton) #239

Hi Marie, yup, still here. It’s been great having everyone add their insta addresses etc., so we can all follow each other. Your work is amazing, :heart_eyes:

(Jackie Barton) #240

Hi Samantha, I’m following you on Folksy & insta. I never got the hang of crochet so I’m in awe of those who do. Your work is striking :smile:

(Jackie Barton) #241

Hi Charlie, WOW! How colourful is your work, it’s amazing. And to know you cut the paper by hand - you must be very patient and have a steady hand! So beautiful!