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(LotfieldJewellery) #41

I use a Onedrive folder to put my photos in then I can access them from my desktop. Does that help you? You could use dropbox as an alternative

(CatherineDove) #42

I’m also on IG! Will find you all on there :grinning:

(Jenny Chapman) #43

Silvana I use a desktop too, and have been experimenting with all browsers. Both Safari and Firefox seem to work well - the clue is to use them in Developer mode, which simulates other devices. In Firefox, pop down “Web Developer” from the “Tools” menu on the top navbar and choose “Responsive Design Mode”. This will open a small window on your screen. You then need to choose which device you are simulating. I usually choose the iPad as it’s bigger than the phone modes. You choose which one you want from a tiny menu at the head of the small window that has opened - it took me a moment to find it, but it’s there. Hope this helps x

(Jackie Barton) #44


(Polly Kyte) #45

Just off to check you out on Instagram. I love looking at all the photos and spendtoo much time on there!

(Jackie Barton) #46

I just wanted to say, a HUGE Thank You to all you lovely peeps for answering my call. I’ve been out and about liking all of you (I think, if I missed you please let me know), on all your social media platforms, plus I’ve had a little lookylou at all your makes - WoW - you are one talented pool of creators!

Please keep adding Instagram (for any other) names to this list. I promise to follow you all, wherever I can find you (creepy?- nah!) and if everyone does the same as I have we will be sharing all our fantastic work to huge audiences. It can only mean more exposure for us all, plus we all get to see everyone’s latest listings!

Thanks, again, and:

Keeeeeep Posting! :hugs:

(Lucas James) #47

New here, but also struggle to find people on Instagram- I’m @AbstractLucas, and happy to follow back anyone that finds me!

(Lucas James) #48

Ugh, messed up adding my Instagram name as it’s the same as my name name… if you search for abstract Lucas on Instagram you should be able to find me!

(Jenny Chapman) #49

Already following :slight_smile: I love your crocheted items, and envy your skill. I can knit, but have never yet mastered crochet!

(Jenny Chapman) #50

Just found you on IG :grinning:

(Polly Kyte) #51

Thank you Jenny! And I love your artwork. :blush:

(Julia K Walton) #52

Hi Jackie and everyone else!

I signed up to Instagram earlier this year, and use my account for some of my artwork, inspirations and travels … I will try and work my way through this list to follow everyone else!

(Jenny Chapman) #53

Thank you so much Polly x

(Chris Stone) #54

I must admit I am intrigued by Instagram but have so far shied away from it. I have a picture in my head of a typical Instagram user being about 12 years old and far more tech savvy than I am. I always told myself that neither my art work, or indeed I, would fit that demographic. I have chosen to concentrate on Facebook and Pinterest instead. I was also put off by Instagram’s reliance on the smart phone (give me a huge conventional key board and mouse any day). But it seems I may be able to use my trusty PC after all.
Could I be missing a trick I wonder?

(CatherineDove) #55

I only joined recently as I think it’s one of the main ways of online social media marketing nowadays. I think the demographic is actually much older. It’s a bit different (and irritating) in that you can’t add hyperlinks in the text of your posts, just hashtags- which is how people find you. You will need to just have one link in your “bio”- some people use linktree to group all their web links onto one page to send people to, or i’ve created a hidden page (not shown in the page tabs) to display mine and link to. It’s actually quite handy for Facebook too! The main thing to bear in mind is you need great images, as it’s such a visual platform. I am actually enjoying it, though!

(Chris Stone) #56

Thanks Catherine @CatherineDove for the useful information. I think I may have to give it a go.
I really like your Instagram page by the way. It may well be my source of inspiration!

(CatherineDove) #57

Thank you! :blush: I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about it recently, as with my social media presence generally. I’m hoping eventually it’ll pay off in some sales! I know i’m let down by my piccies (I only have a small camera and just can’t get a close enough focus and crisp shots) but am forever hopeful!

(Chris Stone) #58

Your pictures look good to me. I only have a small camera too. Size isn’t everything, as the old adage goes.

(Jackie Barton) #59

Hi Lucas, I found you and I’m following you. I see you like COLOUR! :joy: Me too! My daughter thinks I’m too old for acid greens and hot pinks but I don’t care, as you described your work - they make me smile :smiley:

(Jackie Barton) #60

Hi Julia, thanks for joining in. I’m following you. Your photos are exquisite! loads of colour and fun.