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(davebowdennash) #82

Thanks Jackie,

I’ve just checked your shop out. V nice it is too.



(Kim Onyskiw) #83

Thank you! :blush: have followed you back too.

(Caroline Jones) #84

Thank you @DaBeezNeez for posting how to use Instagram on a desktop - I wondered if that was possible! Am following some of you folk now - will try and get through the rest soon…my account is Look forward to seeing you on instagram…x

(LuckyBugHandmade) #85

Hi everyone,

I have added my link below :grinning:. Sometimes when I try to follow people it says there’s an error but I do try again later if that happens!

(Ruth ) #86

I’m also on instagram, follow me, I’ll follow back :+1:t2::blush:

(Jackie Barton) #87

Hi Caroline, I’ve found and am following you. Glad we could help with the Instagram thing, I’m glad I found the original post on Clubhouse, I’ve been saving for ages for a new phone to use, now I’ll spend the savings on chocolate! and wine!

(Jackie Barton) #88

Hi Marianne, found ya and am following ya! I have to admit, I’m a Deco girl too :blush:

(Jackie Barton) #89

Found you Ruth. Thanks for joining us all here. :sparkling_heart:

(Caroline Jones) #90

Haha - good idea! I’ve found you also and am following now :slight_smile:

(LuckyBugHandmade) #91

@DaBeezNeez Thank you :smile: I’ve followed you back.

(Shine On) #92

I’m on Instagram at

Off to check you guys out :slightly_smiling_face:

(Shine On) #93

Already following you :relaxed:

(WildflowerAromatics) #94

Hi I’m on insta too at

I’m busy making tea atm so haven’t had chance to check out any of your insta pages and follow you all yet. But if you follow me I’ll follow you back :slight_smile: I’m currently on 920 followers and desperate to get up to the 1k mark.

(Shine On) #95

Love to help, but I’m already following you :smile:

(Claire Mort) #96

I love love love instagram x an amazing artist community xxx
I am @clairemortartist x come and say hi x

(Claire Mort) #97

Ummmm that doesn’t work doh x how did people do their insta tags please?

(Claire Mort) #98

(Claire Mort) #99

Oh bum that didn’t work link is wrong … aaaarrrghhhg

(Bekki Stevenson) #100

I just tried your link. If you look at the other links people have added here they don’t have an @ in the link. Try taking it out.

(Claire Mort) #101

@bekokodesigns thanks … ummmmm will try it