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Who's watching Wayward Pines?

I read the books last year and loved them and I was really looking forward to the TV series. It’s okay but why, oh why do they have to make so many changes? They’ve kept to the basic story line but have made little plot and character changes. I can’t see that it’s added anything to story. Nurse Pam for instance… in the book she is young and not related to David Pilcher and she is definitely not a nice person. Other things have happened that were not in the book and things that were in the book are not in the tv series. It’s so irritating! I feel the casting is a bit off too, you know how you get a picture in your mind when you read a book. But maybe it’s just me…


Yes me, I’m watching it. I haven’t read the books although I’d like too, are they easy to get hold of? (i don’t do Kindle).

I know it’s really irritating when the tv series isn’t like the book.

One thing that really irritates me is the wife/mother character- she’s so similar to Lori in the Walking Dead- almost a carbon copy.

I’ve not heard of Wayward Pines but I do know what you mean about the disappointment of a TV series not being the same as the book you’ve read. You develop pictures in your mind when you read a book, and then you see it on TV and it’s not the same at all! Sometimes I think it’s best just to stick to the book if it’s one you really enjoyed.

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They’re available from Amazon Sarah though I got the kindle versions. Yes the wife is very irritating though not in the book

You’re probably right Margaret :blush:

I’m watching it. Didn’t know there were books. I’m enjoying it so far.

The worst programme for not sticking to the books is Dexter. So far off it’s unbelievable. Still good programmes though.

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What the hell did they do to the ending??? Nothing like the book! The way the book ended left the opportunity for a whole new series that they could have written themselves, so why end it this way?

Sorry, I realise I’m probably the only one watching who’s read the books…