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Why can I not send a Private Message?

(Julie) #1

This happened to me a few days ago when I tried to message a new member of this forum and was told I’m not allowed to send a message to that user. At that time I assumed that it was something to do with the recipient being newly signed up and I managed to contact her a different way.

Now I have just tried to message another member who is long established on the forum, and I receive the same error message. Have I got a setting wrong somewhere perhaps?


(Julia Blakeman) #2

I just clicked on your name NightOwlCreative, the one that appears in grey next to your logo, and it gave me the option to send you a private message. I know nothing about sending private messages on here anymore as I haven’t done it for years but it appears to be working for me.

(Donna) #3

I tried sending one yesterday and it wouldn’t let me but then I saw that there is a box that says add a new user above where you write your message so I typed the user name of the person I was sending the message to in there and off it went with no problem. I hope that makes sense and helps you out.
Donna x

(Julie) #4

To Julia, thank you, and yes, it appears to be working until you hit “send” after typing your message, then it fails.

And to Donna, I saw that “add new user” thing and assumed it meant to send to more than one person, so ignored it, oops! Looks like that’s where I went wrong - off to try again.

Thanks both!

(Roz) #5

I had problems the other day and even though I had selected the person I wanted to send to I still had to type their name in.

(Julie) #6

Well I tried the suggestions here, tried typing in the person’s name, username, shop name - nothing works.

I’ve ended up messaging her via the Contact link in her shop, but since it is a forum-related message, it seemed more logical to do it here. Looks like there is a bug in need of fixing.

(Planeteventsdirect) #7

I wasnt even aware that you could send a private message to another forum user…ever since they disabled the folksy messaging system i just presumed that everything came to your email inbox on BT/Yahoo/Outlook etc…