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Why does Facebook not like Elephants but adores BEEs

On Thursday I posted a video which included a few shots of my suncatcher bee interspersed with several of my garden flowers topped with real bees.
That has a reach of 829 and 236— oh and I sold the bee that night.

Yesterday I posted a similar video which contained a few shots of my suncatcher elephant mixed in with several photos (mine) of elephants I had taken on trips to Sri Lanka and Thailand.
That has a reach of 28 and 14 views. I even tried sharing it again to see if the original post was hidden for some reason but still only got a reach of 19 on the shared post… oh and I haven’t not surprisingly sold the elephant…

which leaves me wondering has Facebook got something against elephants Do they think I’m in the ivory trade. I can’t find any words in the elephant post which would make Facebook hide it away.
Any thoughts would be most welcome.

PS It’s not that I’m desperate to sell the elephant I just thought people might enjoy my elephant photos !

AIUI it’s not that FB itself doesn’t like elephants but that your page likers don’t. They may have interacted positively with posts about bees on both your page and elsewhere so the FB algorithm will think they want to see bee posts. Conversely they may not have interacted at all (or hidden posts) about elephants hence it will get seen less.

How are people to get to know and love elephants if Facebook hides them !!!
Chicken and egg situation
:). :). :).

If Facebook has shown them elephants and gets no reaction, why would they show them again?

Edited to add, sorry that sounded a bit terse on reading back - not meant to be!

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am now going to edit my elephant post to add the word BEE and even maybe Honey and Hive. Will let you know :slight_smile:

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Ha ha! Honest to God the algorithm pees me off as I sometimes miss posts from other pages I like. I have been know to rant at my laptop…

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So tonight, within the last hour, I have added 3 listings and therefore 3 posts to Facebook.
1 = Bee = reach= 188
2= Ammonite - reach = 68
3 = Cat = reach = 51

The Bee has been there the longest so likely to have the highest reach but it does appear that BEE is a really good word to put in your posts if you want a good reach . Even the elephant has improved now it has a bee in there.
So from now on all my posts will contain the word Bee and my elephant will be renamed “large Bee with trunk” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Liz thanks for that link. I realised that when I turned my 10 photos into video I forgot to set the photo ‘time’ on the elephants and they’re therefore only 1 second each. I remember setting the Engaging’ bee pictures to 3.
Very interesting article and worth a quick read.

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PS Since I added the word Bee to my elephant post my reach has gone right up, could also of course be because people have been adding comments.
So hopefully this will now have modified the Facebook algorithm so Elephants can once again trample all over everyone’s feeds :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
:elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:

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The 19th August was world bee day. So they are in vogue.
World elephant day was on the 12th August - did you sell any ele’s then?

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Sold 3 recently. 31st July. 7 and 16th of August !!!

Nothing makes sense :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
:elephant: :honeybee: :elephant: :honeybee: :elephant: :honeybee: :elephant: :honeybee: :elephant: :honeybee: