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Facebook is a mystery!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with Facebook. Earlier, I checked my reach on a recent post via the Facebook app on my phone, the reach was 1491. I later looked at the same post via the Page Manager app on my phone. The reach was now showing as only 375. I opened up both apps together and what I saw is in the screenshot. That’s a hell of a difference!!! Which is correct??! Has anyone else noticed discrepancies like this? I now don’t know if I can believe any of the figures that Facebook shows me!

I do know I’ve seen a couple of astonishingly low reaches on a couple of video posts (which usually do best). So bad that I shared one and invited comments. It’s also odd that the number of views is more than 50% of the reach which makes me suspect that the reach figure is not correct…
so yes, Facebook is a mystery. Sometimes I Hate it !

PS: Just checked mine and it shows same on my laptop and my phone via both FB app and Pages Manager. Shame. I was hoping the app would show a proper high number !

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Quite often on British Crafters a post will be liked a dozen times and it says nobody has seen it lol! Liar liar - pants on fire!!


This sort of thing is very frustrating because it leads you to think you can’t trust the information, and then of course, you are very unlikely to part with your hard earned cash for advertising!!

I noticed back in September that I had had a post that had a reach of some three times the normal, yet the number of likes and shares was about the same, and also, the people involved were the same.

I’ve also had posts that have had a reach of about 10 with almost the same numbers of likes, so I don’t believe that either!!

I hate to say it, but I’m not sure FB’s stats are robust…


Last week I had 8 likes on a post which only three people saw, I don’t know how that works!


So feeding into my earlier post about charging excess fees, we can’t trust that the figures for that extra reach are even correct. I can’t possibly work with this and will not be boosting any more posts.

Sam x

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I don’t blame you Sam. It appears we can’t trust them on anything!!

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I just looked at my Fb page and saw that a photo I posted yesterday was liked by 8 people and had one share. Yet it supposedly reached only one person. How odd.