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Why is Spiritual Jewellery Categorised under Homewares

Can someone explain why ‘Spiritual’ jewellery is categorised under Homewares and not jewellery? I make prayer beads, most of which can also be worn. Surely it makes more sense for Spiritual Jewellery to be in the Jewellery Category. Also the Jewellery category has the subcategory of necklace and ‘rosary’ but not necklace and ‘Mala’. It must have a detrimental affect in the searches by not being under the jewellery section. I would be interested to see what other makers think of this.

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It does sound a little odd. However, I think very few people use the categories to find items, they are much more likely to type in search words, so just make sure you have your titles, tags and descriptions well written using all the terms you think people would use and your items will be found.


Thanks for the advice Helen. Yes I am trying to use as many tags as I think people might search with.

That would be great if there were such a category. I’d use it❣

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Hi Stef,
I wonder how we make it happen? It would be great if Folksy could take a look at this. I appreciate that there is some cross over but I do think we need a more specific category. I know I personally wouldn’t think to look for spiritual jewellery in homewares.

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Just copy in @folksycontent and someone will have a look for you.

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I agree it does seem strange. I have a number of chakra bracelets and necklaces and it does seem odd that to feature as ‘spiritual’, they have to go in the homewares section when they are obviously jewellery. You have some lovely designs in your shop, so wishing you all the best.

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Thank you. It’ s been a challenging start to my shop. I am juggling shielding my disabled daughter, with commissions for fellow buddhist priests. You can see some of my commissioned work on my Instagram account @thebeadsanctuary
From my initial ideas and makes for friends its been a steep learning curve but like a lot of people who craft its keeping me sane! Hoping to slowly fill the shop up as I have bought way too many beads!

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Hello! Yes, it is a bit strange. I think it’s because when we first added the ‘Spirituality & Religion’ category, it was in response to a request from makers selling spiritual homeware, and there were only a few pieces. As it’s grown, we’ve added in subcategories for ‘spiritual jewellery’ and ‘chakra jewellery’ but they should ideally be in the Jewellery category rather than under Homeware.

I’ll see if we can move them here Handmade jewellery UK on Folksy

Ok, that should be done for you now. We’ve created a new ‘Spiritual Jewellery’ category in the ‘Jewellery’ section with various different sub-categories within, but it needs filling up! Spiritual Jewellery on Folksy

We’ll try to move all items across from the existing subcategories in homeware, but you can also recategorise all your items directly from your Shop Dashboard. To do that click on the ‘recategorise listings’ link in your dashboard and tick the listings you would like to move >


Oh dear, It feels like this hasn’t translated well at all. In jewellery you have a category of Necklaces and Pendants, and the option to choose a Rosary but not a Mala. A Rosary would be used by a Christian, a Mala would be used by a Hindu or a Buddhist. You have not created a category under Spiritual Jewellery for either a Rosary or a Mala. The subcategory created contains the words Yoga, and Chakra, but you have not defined Mala or Rosary. It still feels very confusing to me.

Hello! What we did was create an entirely new ‘Spiritual Jewellery’ category that sits within Jewellery. We added these sub-categories:

Chakra Jewellery
Crystal Jewellery
Spiritual Jewellery
Yoga Jewellery
Zodiac Jewellery

We didn’t add any new subcategories to ‘Necklaces and Pendants’ or any of the other existing subcategories in jewellery.

If you can let me know what you would like and which subcategory or subcategories you think are missing from the new Spiritual Jewellery category (or possibly the Jewellery section), I’ll see what I can do.

I think it would be really helpful to have “Mala Bracelet” and “Mala Necklace” and “Rosary Necklace” under Spiritual Jewellery. Those definitions would be the ones most likely to be searched for by people of the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian faiths. Many thanks.

Those sub-categories should be there for you in Spiritual Jewellery now. They won’t show up on the page until there are items listed in them though.

Great Thank you