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Window 10 Photo Viewer

If like me you have enjoyed scrolling through your pictures in Windows 7 using Windows Photo Viewer you might have been aggravated to find all you get in Windows 10 is Windows Photo. I now only have Windows 10 since replacing laptop and was not at all happy with that. I just don’t like it, does things differently and not the way I want.
So I googled and discovered that Photo Viewer is still all there, Microsoft have just hidden it (rather like the way they have hidden the best bits (Rainbows :rainbow: ) of Word Art between earlier Office versions and 2013)
If you would like Photo Viewer then you can download a little registry fix from here.

Just download it, click it and it is Done. Then right click a photo and ask for it to be opened in Photo Viewer then click always use it. Done.

I’ve applied this now to both desktop and laptop without any ill effect.