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Space,my final frontier

(James Alden) #1

It really is the final frontier to me,or the lack of it is. The final thing I need to overcome. A 10x8 workspace is hardly the Tardis,it doesn’t open up to the size of the Albert hall when I walk through the door.
Does lack of space hinder you or have you had a stroke of genius that has over come it?
Many heads are better than one and someone always thinks of something to overcome such problems.Workspace only needs to be small but where the hell do you put everything you need?
Shelves,drawers,drawers on top of drawers,the whole lot would fall over were I to sneeze.

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(Grimm Exhibition) #2

I really only can see the floor where theres a path from the living room door to the patio doors, the rest is crafts.
I have lots of those plastic drawers which are totally full, hence things are on the floor. I wish I had an answer for you but none as yet.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I would suggest a jolly good clear out but I get the feeling you’re not the sort to go for that sort of thing. So what about something like this?

or better yet a wardrobe actually with Narnia out back.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

It does hinder me a lot. Can’t wait for everything to be finished and everything to be in the correct place it would mean things won’t get lost.

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(Bizzy Liz) #5

I have the same problem. One bit of storage that works for me is a tall, slim cd/media unit (Argos I think) The shelves are removeable, so you can set them at different heights. It tidies away stamps, inks and other essential bits and bobs.

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(James Alden) #6

@ grim exibtion,I know what you mean
Sasha,I couldn’t run to something like that but I am an incorrigable scrounger and may be able to build something along those lines.
Eileen, Lost,something can be under my nose and may as well be somewhere on the moon.

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(James Alden) #7

You must have dropped when I was posting a reply to the others. I could extend by a few feet but that would be in front of my other little pond and I would never see switch,delta or visa again never mind feed them.

(Dawn Sneesby) #8

That’s what I was thinking James, I’m sure you could easily make something for your craft storage - you’d better get foraging in those skips.

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(James Alden) #9

The only way I think Dawn,have to wait till winter though,too much to paint in the summer,if we ever get any,solstice next wek,we’re all doomed the end of the summer is nigh. I do love to add a bit of cheer on a grey,wet day.

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(Helen Healey) #10

My workspace is my 8 seater dining table and it is constantly buried. I have to stop crafting at Christmas and clear it away so that we can eat Christmas dinner! It’s the only time we ever use it for its intended purpose.

(James Alden) #11

8 seater,I did have a Transit minibus at one time,that did give me extra space,wish I still had it. Oh for units the size of Texas.

(James Alden) #12

Try again,my replies don’t always go to who I replied to but logged out and in again,try that.

(Sasha Garrett) #13

If you built your own you could make all the cubbyholes just the right size for your bits and pieces and leave a gap at the back for accessing Narnia…

(James Alden) #14

I could Sasha and at least gain organised chaos.

(James Alden) #15

I shall say this here as a new thread would be a short one.
When it comes to favourites I shall get to you a few here and a few there to get you a few minutes of front page fame,too many and you cancel out the ones you favourited a couple of minutes ago.

(Diane Burton) #16

I have a desk in a tiny corner/alcove of our bedroom (so small there was only one desk in the Argos catalogue that fitted!) there was also an awkward cupboard next to it (width of a door but not deep enough for a coat hanger) so we took the door off and Hubby added shelves but it is still too small a space really (I’ve ‘borrowed’ the top of Hubby’s chest of drawers to find a place for my die-cutting/foiling machine) I would love a ‘craft cabin’ in the garden but they’re too expensive for now :frowning: A TARDIS would be brilliant, I could have a room for papercraft, one for my sewing machine and fabric stash and another for my crochet yarn stash with a big comfy chair in :slight_smile:

(James Alden) #17

It looks like a lot of you are cramped for space,I suppose I am better off than some,so,just swallow it for now and come winter…