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Working from home

(Anna Lisa Walker) #1

Hey there, Am new to Folksy and was wondering if anyone else finds working from home a challenge?
Working from home has provided varied challenges so far, usually it involves my partner returning home from work and picking up some painstakingly created element of my work from the kitchen counter which has been carefully set there to dry and whilst twirling it in the air he’ll innocently ask ‘What’s this?’ At least, I hope its innocent and he’s not attempting to destroy my sanity.
Todays challenge was thrown down in grand style by the Spaniel puppy I’d agreed to dog sit today. Apparently the smell of merino wool is irresistible to dogs - I arrived back in the sitting room in time to see him pluck a piece of work from the table and trot off to his bed with it. fortunately he is incredibly soft mouthed so said item was retrieved undamaged. Not sure the same can be said of my neighbours ears, my panicked bellow of ‘LEAVE IT’ must have been heard throughout several counties.
Can anyone else top ‘The dog ate my homework’ ?

(Roz) #2

Is it spaniels or any dogs - I don’t know but I know my springer has a passion for felting! He has created and recreated several felted items, you would think I would have learned by now but he keeps sneaking up when I’m not looking!

Lovely shop by the way and welcome to folksy

(Elaine) #3

Oh dear, sounds a bit like hard work to me and I don’t think I can top your two situations at all. My main challenge is keeping motivated and being strong enough to not let phone calls, emails, text messages and f/b interactions drag me away from actually working. So far I’ve discovered I’m not yet strong enough to let work win this challenge, but I’m getting there (things like a busy Christmas season fast approaching help!) as I’ve started ignoring telephone calls, so that’s a start. It doesn’t help when friends and relatives assume you can just drop everything and talk/pop over/pick this up for them etc., etc., as apparently I’m “not really at work” - I’m still perfecting the “well actually I am” answer lol - I have a long way to go.


(Deborah Jones) #4

I am quite lucky in that I have a shed of my own in the in the garden, so everything should be safe.
A few years back I noticed that I was getting through much more butane gas than usual , it turned out my son was running a lighter refilling service for his mates and was sneaking in and helping himself. Thankfully he seems to have grown out of it now.

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(Roz) #5

I also have my own workroom Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery, my conservatory where my dog is banned. Trouble is sometimes in the evenings I sometimes like to bring my work into the house especially in the winter rather than put the heater on and I forget the dog is there, until he steals something! I’m also not the best at shutting the door when I go to make a cup of coffee and then he sneaks in while I’m not looking.

(Anna Lisa Walker) #6

Thank you for the comment on my shop, very kind of you to say as you’re clearly a far more experienced felter than me! I have a whippet cross staying next week so will test the breed theory out with a less precious item then!

(Anna Lisa Walker) #7

Well, I’m going to gloss over the fact that it was technically theft and commend your sons entrepreneurial spirit instead!

(Anna Lisa Walker) #8

Elaine, aside from being at your friends and family’s beck and call you’re forgetting how ‘lucky’ you are to be self employed - at least that’s what I am told on a weekly basis by those who endure the millstone that is a pension , predictable income and holiday & sick pay! Still, my response is always conflicted because yes, I am lucky.

(Tina Martin) #9

I also have a shed in the garden, it great to have the space to just leave my work out. Does it stop family popping in to chat, no, sometimes they’re all in the shed with me!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Kennelcraft) #10

I am very lucky in that I have my own workroom,which means I can keep contact with rest of house if needed,very cosy :grinning::grinning:

(Liz Clark) #11

I have a Golden Retriever from whom I have learnt to “dog proof” my home. So anything the dog may be attracted to is kept up high (hence I have surfaces littered with all kinds of crap!).
I do have a workroom, but my husband shares it, so when he works from home, which is most of the time, I sit in the living room and use the dining table. That’s for my sanity as much as the better lighting; he works in IT/databses, and when things aren’t going right for him he turns the air blue! It’s not conducive to creativity!
Welcome to Folksy!

(Roz) #12

Not so sure about the more experienced bit - just different :slight_smile: I love your needle felted animals, thats how I started out but then I fell in love with nuno felting and just don’t have the time for much needle felting anymore - if only there were more hours in the day. Am hoping to get back into it in the New Year but then I said that last year and never made it!

(Elaine) #13

Totally agree. For me, I’d find it quite hard to go back to working for others.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

oh yes I get the ‘can you just’ all the time. I get the phones calls thankfully I’m having problems with my landline at present so people have given up trying to reach me as only a few have my mobile number.

Oh and a lot of people saying if I buy the materials will you make this for me. Once I tell them the cost they soon disappear into the woodwork again. They think I should work for nothing :frowning:

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(ShakerTraditions) #15

I find it so hard to work from home. We have an 8 month old baby so my spare time is very limited. He does not nap long and when he does to bed I am almost ready to!!! But I am trying to use my time effectively - helping my husband with administration, marketing etc whilst he is busy in his work shop. Thank goodness for mobile phones and WiFi!!

(Take2 Bottles) #16

I also have a naughty dog who loves felting. She seems to seek it out so I’ve resorted to crates with lids on for all my wool and finished items. She is a Labrador, up to now the spaniel has left it alone!

(Rosesworkshop) #17

I think it depends on why you are working from home in the first place. If it’s because somebody told you it was an “easy” thing for you to do while looking after a new baby or recovering from a serious illness then you are going to have a struggle.

You have no chance of convincing anybody else that it’s a real business until you treat it that way yourself. So a separate “work” area, whether that’s a shed, a spare bedroom, or just a dedicated cupboard.

When you “go to work” set the phone to silent or emergency only and don’t answer the door. If you can set a regular time it helps a lot; you can tell your friends “I work every morning 9 till 12, but I could meet you for lunch”

(ShakerTraditions) #18

You are spot on. I know I need to apply designated time slots to the business as we are going to get nowhere otherwise. Funny enough, this weekend we are getting our cellar sorted into an office. We never thought it would be easy to set up a business- the last 3 years have been a real adventure. Its been our ambition and its been so hard. When I was working full time before baby I never thought I had the time or energy to do it. How I was so wrong. However now we have a greater motivation to make things work now we have a family.

(proggyandtweed) #19

I have a spaniel cross pointer who just loves to scoot off with any sort of items that are not nailed down! She doesn’t mind whether it’s materials, work in progress or the finished article. Fortunately, as she is a constant companion, I’m on hand to effect a speedy rescue! I love working from home, but agree that you have to be disciplined about it. I have a workroom, but tend to spread myself around the house. My long suffering husband has a lot to put up with!
Wondrous Oddities, I love the two lurchers.

(Anna Lisa Walker) #20

Think I may have hit on something here, there’s me thinking ‘the economy’ was to blame where as the obstacle to productivity may actually lie with our hairy children! (P.S am a bit in love with Percival!)