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Wow it is quiet in here, where is everyone?

What are you all doing lol?

I just thought I’d pop on for a bit before I get a bit of sewing done with a nice cup of bubbly Aero hot chocolate.

It’s extremely quiet in here, as it has been for a while. Not as lively as it used to be! Enjoy your hot chocolate :smile:

I’m busy painting a plaque, a couple of Fairy Doors and 3 Christmas Decorations, I’m just waiting for some of the paint to dry before going onto the next stage so thought I’d pop on here. I’m glad I did… I’ve just had a sale :slight_smile: 2 of my little glove puppets are going to be popped in the post tomorrow :smile:

Watching The Apprentice, eating chocolate, thinking about finishing an order!

I’m up to my eyeballs with orders , doing very long days in the shed at the mo.
So not much time for chat.
Will be back to normal in the New Year.

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I’ve been busy getting my books in order seen as its so quiet. I can see its going to take some time to do. I say every time that I’ll keep on top of them but never stick to it.

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The hot chocolate was delish, enjoy the rest of your night x

Well done on the sales, I’m off to bed now, night night ladies x

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oooo hot chocccy yummmie :smile:

I’ve been having problems with my laptop for a few hours to day. Then I had to prepare for a social gathering at a friends house so I’ve been cooking foods to take. I also had to get my new guitar out and practice a couple of carols as someone said it would be nice to sing a couple in between eating and chatting.

We all had a great evening very relaxed and laid back.

I’ve lost my creative mojo at the moment even though I have 3 different projects to finish :frowning:

Just back from a Christmas carols/brass band evening at our local pub - really great and yummy food, especially the mince pies!

Everyone working on last-minute Christmas orders and trying to get their jobs up-to-date?
I’m busy with my mum, who was taken to hospital on Tuesday lunchtime, with a broken hip!

See you all some time later (possibly a lot later!)

I’m not on here much - got a huge pile of commissions to get finished before last Christmas posting dates :slight_smile:

Hope your mum is on the mend very soon!

Just read about your Mum, hope everything is OK and she’s on the mend very soon.

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