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WxH (pix) Size of Photos to Upload for Shop Items

(Ferror) #1

I think I have arrived at the item listing stage now. Could somebody please advise on shop item pictures. What WxH pix size are we uploading shop item photos at? I see that they are 170x170 (main) in the category listing and 642x643 (gallery) in the item view with thumbnails at 60x60 (mini). Do I upload a different set for each type or does it resize pictures from the same “master” photos I upload? Thankyou.

(Alison Mackenzie) #2

This might be of help.

Personally I just make sure my photos are square and ideally less than 1MB, so they don’t take ages to load and Folksy does the rest. :relaxed:

(Ferror) #3

[I think I got my wires a bit crossed re the bits in brackets]

Thank you Alison, that was the sort of thing I was after. My worry is that I don’t want to upload 250KB for a 640pix when 50KB will do. That’s five pics for the price of one in mobile data terms. I suppose there’s no knowing if Folksy performs a “KB reduction for web” algorithm after any resize. I’ll experiment and see what comes back when I preview it.

(HartAndCraft) #4


A random thought just occurred to me. Sometimes, particularly at weekends, the image server has a problem which prevents us uploading photos. Not too big a deal, but where it does become a problem is that there is no “save” option when you are creating a listing; it saves automatically when you Preview. But you can only Preview once most boxes have been completed, including adding a photo.

Long story short, perhaps get into the habit of either entering just a couple of words in your description, or copying your description and pasting it into another application - if you can’t Preview and you get logged off or computer crashes you will lose your draft.

(Ferror) #5

Thanks for the top tip. I tend to keep the bog standard windows notepad open to type stuff in and then paste to web so i can just reverse that. Perhaps it seizes at weekends because evryone’s uploading files that are much bigger than they need.

(Helen Smith) #6

I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head right there…