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Yay small things go a long way

I just noticed one of my keyrings is on the ‘gifts under £5’ section and it was on the front page.

I know to many this is quite small but I was very pleased to see it. Not to my knowing have I ever seen any of my items on the front page or gift guide.
Makes me a like positive after such a quiet period.


That’s great Nicole :slight_smile: hope it brings you sales.

Have a good day


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Thank you and same to you :grinning:

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Thats great. its a good felling isnt it.
I noticed one of my skirts was on the fornt page in the tropical section the other day.

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Hope it brings you some sales! It would be very nice to be notified when our items appear in the gift guides but I guess that’s too complicated for the system?

Yes great surprise to see it this morning great news about one of your skirts being on the front page @PoisonedAppleJewellery

Yes @Iguana49 it would be but i am sure that’s another load of work to set it up and to notify everyone. :confused: