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1st sale ...can’t get paid

Hi all, I have just made my first ever sale on folksy after at least 18 months trading only to be told the customer is having problems with payment through PayPal!!
You can imagine my frustration and worry that actually I still haven’t made a ‘real’ sale yet
Has this happened to anyone else and how do we resolve it?
Thanks :sob:

Congrats on the sale Michaela! The same thing happened to me on my first order…I ended up sending the customer an invoice for them to pay me via bank transfer. I’ve also had a customer send me a cheque lol - not ideal, take a while to clear & you have to go to a bank!
I’m not sure if it would help for this sale, as I can’t remember how long it takes to set up, but it’s worth getting set up with Stripe going forward. Then people can just pay with a card if they have PayPal issues.

Thanks for that, I haven’t heard any more so I’ll probably suggest bank transfer

If it’s the first sale you’ve made on Folksy I would always double check that you’ve got your PayPal email address entered correctly, just in case of typos (dashboard > shop settings > PayPal email address).

And as Dee says, if you set up Stripe as well, then if the customer does have any issues because PayPal isn’t working properly for some reason, they’ll just be able to switch payment method and try that instead.

I’ve had this a couple of times even though my shop has been open for quite some time… and I’m never quite sure what the issue is… I’ve resolved by either suggesting Stripe for credit card payment, or I’ve issued a PayPal invoice direct (though that means the sale isn’t registered on Folksy) or I’ve had a customer pay by BACS (again, means Folksy doesn’t get the sale).

Used to get this quite often and would send PayPal invoice and mark the order as paid.
Had Stripe a year now as well and problem has Vanished ( I now get 75% payment via Stripe).

Hi Michaela, I had a sale like that. It was really annoying & I had to ask the customer to go through PayPal direct. I’ve not encountered again but I know the customer became frustrated. Hopefully it’s just a temp hitch or a security check?
Good luck with forthcoming sales.