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2015 diets (sorry)

Yep, Im sorry, someone was going to mention it and i feel it should be me as I sit here after stuffing my face for 3 days.

Im sure Ive put on at least half a stone since Xmas, my stomach feels like a football has been nesting in it.

I really feel like its about time I tried to lose weight. Im heading towards 40, spent the last few years overweight. Dieting has never appealed to me and previous attempts have dwindled back into my usual habits.
I have junk food in the cupboard swhich I refuse to throw away, but as soon as they go, I wont buy anymore.

Im going to hate every second of it.

My goal is to lose 2 stone in however long that takes.

Who is going to join me?


Until last summer I’d never dieted before. Never needed to to be honest. I love to eat, but I eat a pretty good balanced diet, I don’t like red meat and don’t eat many carbs anyway (due to dietary reasons) but I began a new job where I was able to come home for lunch- and I began just grazing when I came home for my lunch break- so within a month I’d put half a stone on- which was all the motivation I needed.
I read about the 5:2 diet, including buying the actual book to read about the science behind it. And I’ve got to say- it was great!
Within 2 months I’d lost a stone, but it was fairly gradual which was my aim.- less likely to put it back on!! The first week was quite difficult and the odd day after that was- but I wasn’t insanely strict with myself, if I was going out for a meal or something I just wouldn’t do it. I continued until a couple of months ago, and then just sort of stopped, not intentially- I just got a bit lazy with trying I think- but I haven’t put any of the weight back on.
I didn’t find it difficult though- it was easy, and I could see the difference really quickly but it felt healthy! I felt like I had more energy and felt less lethargic when I got home from work. And despite what some people said (who’d never actually tried it) The day after the 500kcal fast days you don’t feel like you can eat a horse- your body adjusts pretty quickly and I was able to get up and not crave breakfast which surprised me.
I am going to give it a go again this year- well, 2015 as ideally I’d like to lose another half stone. :blush:

All the best with yours- I’m sure you’ll burn off that excess Christmas food pretty quickly!! :blush::blush:

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Ive heard of the 5:2 diet. it seems to appeal to me as dieting is dull when its 24-7. If its just for a couple of days it wont fee like such an effort. Il look into it more.
The whole family is on a diet so hopefully things may work for me/us this time.

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I started Slimming World in Sept 2013 and have lost 4st 8lb so far! About another stone and I’m done! Totally recommend it as a sustainable way of healthy eating!


I’ve done my own version of the 5.2 diet which I started almost a year ago. OK I know thats a long time but I’ve done really well and managed to loose 2 stone. I’m still going to continue with it until I reach either 11 stone or maybe go as far as 10 1/2 stone. I’ve tried for years and years to loose this much so thats the reason for me been so happy about it.


The pumpkin weighed 4st 7lbs which was what I had lost at Halloween! ! It took 2 of us to lift it onto the stage lol!


Susan that’s amazing, well done!

The 5:2 appeals to me too, friend gave me the book to read a while ago and it did al make sense. But something in the book struck home to me more than the fasting: only eat if you are hungry. I’ve been trying to follow that as a starter and it has made me realise just how much extra fuel I’ve been consuming out of habit just because it is “mealtime” - and I know I don’t burn it off in a normal day. I’ve lost 4lb over a couple of months without really trying just by being more aware of when and what I’m eating.

I need to shift a couple of stones though, otherwise my bionic hips wont last more than another 5 or 6 years. Aquacise is appealing, I did it as therapy after my operations. I may start that again.


I did the 5:2 diet for a few weeks, but I found the food very boring so eventually gave up. I have to say, though, that it was easier than I would have thought to “fast” but this time, I think I will try just eating less - simple, but effective, I would have thought. Wish me luck, I have a lot to shift. Dottie you are my inspiration, well done on your marvelous weight loss - you look fantastic.x


Well done Susan !!! I have been on a diet since I was about 16… clearly I’m not very good at it :slight_smile: Instead of making New Year resolutions (which I always fail at) I am doing birthday resolutions. My birthday was on 01 Dec and within the next year I want to get down to 10 - 10.5 stone, stop smoking, clear my outstanding loan, find a man, get a new full time job and sell more online, be it here or on other sites. It’s lots of things to achieve but I need some big changes in life as I feel s though I have drifted through the past 10 years and mainly because of someone who it didn’t actually deserve any of my time. Not sure if I will manage them all but my mind is definitely in the right zone at the moment :slight_smile:


Wow - that’s encouraging @dottiedesigns!!

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I’ll be joining you!!

Well done! What motivation!

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@SamsGemstoneJewellery We seem to want to achieve the same goals. Good luck with it all.

My daughter lost a lot of weight with the help of Paul McKenna- he does ‘hypnotism’ CDs. Apparently she doesn’t listen to the CDs any more, she just eats until she feels she’s had enough. Which results in me having to bin food when she’s here but I suppose it’s no more wasteful than eating it when it’s not required!
As for me, I’m at an age when I’ve lost weight so many times and put it back on again that I just don’t weigh myself any more, just don’t eat to much and go for walks up hills…

Sadly i dont tend to stop when Im full. eg last night I felt full but still ate more food. I think I see bad food as a positive to counteract the negative of the day. I need to change the way I think about that.

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I lost over a stone and a half on the 5:2 diet which was more than my goal. It took about 8 months to lose that much. I hate having to restrict what food I can eat because I love food, especially puddings and cake! I decided I would have to live with being a bit overweight or do something and thought I’d give the 5:2 a go. I found it much easier to fast two days than having to restrict myself every day and I was really surprised that I could eat normally on the other days, including treats at the weekend, and still lose the weight. I must say that I still do the fasting now to keep the weight off - I am in the habit and I know I would put it back on eventually if I stopped. I don’t do it when I’m on holiday though. I am having a fast day today after a week of eating too much but I will only do one day this week and go back to it properly next week. Whatever you decide to do, good luck xx

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Good luck with your goals, Sam. I can’t help with most of them, but I can say that if you’re looking for a new man, you really should try internet dating. It took me 18 months to find the man of my dreams and I kissed a few frogs along the way, but it was all worth it to meet my fella. We’ve been together for 2 years next week and are making plans for the rest of our lives together. I never expected to be pushing 50 and in love again. I wish you all the best.


I think you are right Liz Dyson, I just need to pluck up the courage to do it :slight_smile:

Seriously impressive! :smiley:

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Awwwww liz that is so sweet, is it wedding bells for 2015 I hear?