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Healthy eating 2017

Yep, its here again. I had all good intentions to eat well this year but its 1st January 2017 and Ive had a roast, chocolate cake and drinkypooh so Ive done badly so far.

Luckily I have put on little over Xmas, maybe 1lb so not too bad. 2 stone to go.

What are your goals. How will you make sure you stick to them?


After a very sociable festive season and a frankly EPIC party with friends for New Year I am doing a dry January !!!

just a teeny bit hungover today ;)!


Hi, I’m going back on the straight and narrow tomorrow after a couple of weeks of excesses :cake:


I had a wobble in October in Holland for half term and put on 6.5lbs in a week! I managed to lose it before Christmas but have found it again! Need to get rid of it so I can go back to Slimming World in target as I don’t want to have to pay!

Have just signed up for the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon in February so at least that will make me get my trainers on and get running! Madness!


For once I haven’t drunk much more alcohol than usual over Christmas, however I know I’ve eaten too much (the skirt I had on yesterday to go to Mum’s for tea was just a bit tighter than was comfortable by the end of the evening) so will definitely be dusting off the ‘Hairy Dieters’ cookbooks, the problem is we got so many lovely sweets and biscuits for Christmas and I feel a bit mean just getting rid of them all so will have to put them out of reach (not difficult when you’re only 5ft3!) and maybe ration a few out at weekends. I’m also determined to be a bit more active this year, no good at running (unlike you Susan @dottiedesigns ) so will stick to walking further and might find a nice gentle Yoga DVD that I can do behind closed curtains so as not to frighten the neighbours :smile:

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I thought I hadn’t put on any weight but Im 2lbs up, the Ferrero Roche in the dining room havnt helped.
But back to good food on Wednesday.

I will be back to the 5:2 next week when I go back to work. I won’t get on the scales until I’ve been on it a couple of weeks!

I too will be having a dry Jan, now our visitors have gone. I will try to get back in to 5:2 aswel.
After starting well last year, I fizzled out- so must try and keep going this year as it did help.
Too frightened of what the scales will say, so shall avoid them for a bit too.

Healthy eating starts today…er, tomorrow…pizza and salad today so Im kind of on the right track.
Il defo be shopping for healthy food today so I can make a start tomorrow.

I’ve put on about 4lb since I moved house in June. The 6:1 we had been doing for a couple of years went out of the window and until we have sold our old house, we have no money to join the gym. But instead we are walking a lot, often to the pie shop in town where they sell gorgeous individual steak pies 2 for £1 (and sometimes 3 or 4 for £1). I have never eaten so much pastry, so perhaps 4lb isn’t too bad! I’ll get back onto the straight and narrow soon.

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What do you all snack on?

I try to avoid too much snacking as I tend to ‘binge snack’ (once I start I can empty the biscuit and cake tin) but I do have salt & vinegar snack-a-jack rice cakes in the pantry just in case I get a crisp craving (15yo son likes them too so I just don’t buy crisps any more) If I do ‘need’ a snack I try to pick something that I know I won’t eat a ton of and has a strong flavour as this puts me off sweet stuff for a while (radishes are a favourite of mine at the moment, chocolate just doesn’t taste right after a couple of them) or if I think it’s not hunger that’s making me want to snack I’ll make a low-fat hot chocolate or go brush my teeth to take my mind off food.

I know it sounds a bit weird but I snack often on pickles! Sort of the Salt and Vinegar taste without the calories! Pickled eggs, onions, gherkins. Also after you have had pickles chocolate tastes gross!

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I don’t snack, have never felt the need. Although I suppose a few olives with a glass of wine is probably classed as a snack! But I very rarely buy things like biscuits and crisps.

Green tea for me, if I snack I can’t stop.


@dottiedesigns Is pickled like fermented? Fermented is supposed to be good for the gut

An old school pal is starting up a running club. By running I mean walking fast as running is something I can only do for 5 seconds. So Im encouraging myself to give it a go this week.


I think that even with all good intentions I’ll probably carry on as I did in 2016 :wink: I very rarely drink but I do like chocolate and lots of other “unhealthy” type foods. I tried to loose a couple of stone last year and not only did I fail miserably, it made me feel miserable too, sooooooo at the moment I’m not monitoring my intake and I’ll see how I feel come spring.

I lost a lot of weight leading up to last new year and as of April 2016 onwards I noticed I had put on a bit of weight but as for over the Christmas period I didn’t do too bad considering the things I was eating. So now it’s a race to loose that little extra weight ready for June. I would like to get down to 11 stone so that’s 13lb to loose. I’m sure if I put my mind to it it will go.

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I went to my Slimming World Weigh in today - first one since 15/12 and I had put on 8.5lbs! Oops! Need to lose 7lbs by next week or have to pay! In reality it will be the first time I have paid in 2 years and my plan is to be back in target by 26/1. It was a good Christmas though!!